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    Terri P

    I have a precious 2 year old Rott male that has an overbite. I have been looking for a 5 star dry dog food that is smaller in size. Any ideas?

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    Blue Wilderness or Wellness Core

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    cindy q

    I am switching my 8 mos old standard poodle from Merrick to Orijen, she is really liking the Orijen she picks that out and leaves the Merrick in her bowl.

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    Hi Terri-
    I have fed both Victor grain free and Nature’s Logic to my lab mix dogs. Both have very small kibble and are 5 star foods that my dogs have done well on. Good luck!

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    Victor, Nature’s Variety Instinct, Canine Caviar and Nature’s Logic are the first few that come to mind that are excellent quality, with very small kibbles.

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    Steven K

    Fromm’s Surf & Turf is 5 star rated and small kibble. My Shepherd likes Fromm foods.

    We’ve also tried Dr Gary’s Best Breed. It gets 4 star reviews here, but: the product line was (and is) the result of a practicing vet that saw many diet related issues in client’s dogs. Both our dogs love it. To be honest-after talking with Kent (rep from DGBB), I am going to stay with this food. Very insightful and knowledgeable. 🙂

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    Terri P

    Thank you to all. I have researched the brands given. I have decided to try the Natures Logic. I did forget to mention the whole chicken allergy thing. So the ingredients and reviews convinced me. Thanks again

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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