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Dog Food Industry Exposed

Glyphosate in Dog Food: The Facts

When you eat food, you’re not simply eating the standard components of, say, a carrot or an oyster — you’re also ingesting chemicals that have been added to that food. E.g.

What Are Pet Food Feeding Trials and Why Are They Important?

How do you know the food you are giving to your dog is safe? And what does ‘complete and balanced diet’ actually mean when you see it on packaging? By

Common Tricks Used on Dog Food Packaging

If a company sells dog food in the USA, it has to comply with regulations set out by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Chief among these rules is that

Dead Dogs and Cats Used to Make Meat Meal

For those who still insist euthanized dogs and cats are not used to make meat meals for animal feeds, this silent undercover video shot near Los Angeles in April 2007

Revealing Pet Food Industry Video Mysteriously Reappears

The revealing TV video below, “Pet Food: A Dog’s Breakfast” takes viewers behind the scenes for a rare look inside the deceptive world of pet food manufacturing. The program was

China-Free Dog Food? Don’t Count On It

These days, I keep reading around the Internet about how this or that dog food is completely free of Chinese ingredients. And frankly, I’m puzzled. After all, there are so

The Truth About Corn in Dog Food

Some insist corn is a nutritious dog food ingredient while others denounce it as a problematic cereal grain. So, what should you believe? What’s the truth about corn in dog

Dog Food Packaging — Beware the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

It’s amazing the lengths some dog food companies go to just to trick unwary shoppers into buying their inferior products. Now, admittedly, there are many excellent dog foods out there.

Unfit for Humans — Legal for Dog Food?

Manufacturing waste — that endless flow of scraps and rejects left over from virtually every human food enterprise. Restaurants.  Meat packers.  Cereal makers.  Supermarkets. They all produce waste. Yet each

Do They Really Use Dead Dogs and Cats to Make Pet Food?

The pet food industry has denied the rumors for years. Yet the reports just keep coming. They claim a number of companies continue to use euthanized pets to make dog food. Sound

Canine Diseases Linked to Grains in Dog Food (Part 2)

In Part 1, we talked about how contaminants found in some lower quality foods could possibly be the cause of chronic allergies in dogs. Like insects, mites and molds. We

Canine Diseases Linked to Grains in Dog Food (Part 1)

Dog food grains. Canine allergies. Could they be related? Well, in a word, maybe. Take bread mold. As unappetizing as it looks, bread mold can seem fairly harmless. Yet mold

Ingredient Splitting — Deceptive Dog Food Labeling Trick

Ingredient splitting is one of the pet food industry’s most misleading marketing practices. Of course… Dog food companies deny any wrongdoing. They claim they’re simply following Federal labeling guidelines. Yet

The Shocking Truth About Commercial Dog Food

Warning. The following story is shocking but true. It’s taken with permission from an article published in 1990 by the Earth Island Journal. “The rendering plant floor is piled high with

Penny’s Tragic Story

In 1995 my wife and I adopted a precious little shelter dog named Penny. Her short but troubled life had been a featured story on a local morning television show.

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