Dog Food Packaging — Beware the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

It’s amazing the lengths some dog food companies go to just to trick unwary shoppers into buying their inferior products.

wolf-in-sheep-clothingNow, admittedly, there are many excellent dog foods out there.

However, many are nothing more than low quality products made from the cheapest ingredients.

Ingredients deemed “unfit for human consumption”.

Yet these same low-grade dog foods are given appealing names and then packaged in appetizing bags and cans.

The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

You’ve seen these packages yourself — all, of course, in their full, mouth-watering color

Whole fresh chickens. Succulent vegetables. And a multitude of other farm-fresh ingredients pictured right on the bag.

To attract the trusting shopper, these low quality products are cleverly disguised to look appetizing — and healthy.

However, these companies aren’t just practicing shrewd business. They’re using deceptive advertising designed to misrepresent the product inside.

But can you blame them?

After all, if you used slaughterhouse waste, fatty trimmings and other agricultural by-products to create your own commercial food, how would you market it?

Would you be truthful?

Would you be willing to name your product something like “Bob’s Slaughterhouse Waste and Cereal Grain Rejects Dog Food”?

Would you show real images of this re-cycled rubbish on the bag?  Would you use clear “see-through” packaging?

And if you did, do you really believe anyone would actually buy it?

Of course not.

Yet that’s exactly what so many profit-first dog food companies want you to do.

The Bottom Line

So, what should you do to protect your dog from consuming these inferior products?

Become knowledgeable. Read labels. Seek out independent ratings and reviews.

And never buy any dog food based on packaging alone.

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