Revealing Pet Food Industry Video Mysteriously Reappears

The revealing TV video below, “Pet Food: A Dog’s Breakfast” takes viewers behind the scenes for a rare look inside the deceptive world of pet food manufacturing.

The program was originally televised by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation on August 16, 2009. But to date, it’s never been seen by American audiences.

Watch It Now
Before It’s Too Late

The documentary was finally scheduled for broadcast to American audiences by CNBC on February 10, 2011.

But the show was mysteriously cancelled just days before it was to be aired.

Was it because of pressure from the pet food industry? Was there some reason manufacturers didn’t want pet owners to see it?

Watch it now, and decide for yourself.

Before it’s too late — before it disappears again.

At nearly 43 minutes in length, it’s a bit long — but well worth your time.

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