China-Free Dog Food? Don’t Count On It


These days, I keep reading around the Internet about how this or that dog food is completely free of Chinese ingredients.

And frankly, I’m puzzled.

After all, there are so many basic pet food ingredients that today are no longer even made here in North America.

Take vitamin C, for example. In just a little over a decade, Chinese manufacturers have cornered over 90% of the U.S. market for this common vitamin.1

And it’s not just the vitamin C market that’s been affected. It’s the rest of the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries, too.

According to a recent post in the Seattle Times, China now makes…

  • 70 percent of the world’s penicillin
  • 50 percent of the earth’s aspirin
  • 35 percent of its acetaminophen (generic Tylenol)
  • The bulk of the world’s vitamins A, B12, C and E

The Problem with Chinese Ingredients

Today, it’s nearly impossible to find a U.S. manufacturer for some essential vitamin and mineral supplements. So, even if a pet food company insists on using 100% domestic ingredients, that noble goal can be elusive.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying Chinese ingredients are automatically inferior to our own.

But let’s face it, in spite of continued promises for reform by the Chinese government, the country’s ongoing saga of food safety scandals persists unabated.

Yet most consumers still believe there’s a law protecting them from pet foods containing foreign-made ingredients?

The Shocking Truth About
Country of Origin Labeling Laws

Here in the U.S., current country of origin labeling laws are either weak or non-existent. They offer little protection to consumers, especially when it comes to the source of a dog food’s ingredients.

For a product to be labeled “Made in the USA” (or for that matter, any other country), regulations require only that the product be “all or virtually all” made in that country.

Nowhere do labeling rules mandate the identification of sources of the individual components that were used to make a product.

So, even though a company reports they manufacture a dog food completely in a U.S. or Canadian facility, there’s no way to assure a consumer the ingredients weren’t sourced from a foreign producer.

Why China-Free Today Can’t Guarantee
It’ll Be China-Free Tomorrow

And there’s no requirement to inform consumers of a change of any ingredient’s country of origin either.

So, a recipe claim made today is never a guarantee the same will be true tomorrow.

Even though a manufacturer or a well-meaning third-party writer may report a dog food company’s products are “100% China Free” or “Made in the USA”, there’s nothing to legally guarantee the next batch of raw materials can’t come from a different source.

And that’s precisely the reason The Dog Food Advisor relies solely on government-regulated pet food labels and intentionally ignores virtually everything else.

It would be misleading to our readers for us to do otherwise.

The Bottom Line

Isn’t it possible your dog’s food is different? That it’s 100% free of Chinese ingredients?

Of course, it’s possible — but not likely.

Think about it.

If human supplements are mostly sourced from China, what are the chances any profit-conscious pet food company will now be able to acquire the few still made in North America?

And what’s the likelihood that same company would be willing to pay the competitive prices required to get them?

Sure, anything’s possible.

After all, even a broken clock is right twice a day.


  1. China Corners Vitamin Market, Seattle Times, 6/3/2007
  • Stanley Koziol

    Capitalism huh? Tell you what…you start a business and sell your product for alot less than what it costs! See how long you stay in business!

  • Pug Piper

    I wish that you would please, please,please add a date to your articles, as I want to know the most current information on any topic. Also, I’m puzzled as to why vitamin C is added to any pet food. According to research , humans and guinea pigs are the only known mammals who do not make their own C, in far higher levels than our common supplements.
    Thank you

  • USAMaid

    It’s because China doesn’t regulate toxins at all. My two Rotties get NOTHING from China, from food to toys. I’ve also cut their vaccines way back to Rabies and DHLP only. Big Pharma gets rich and our dogs get cancer. No thanks!

  • mitch gent

    every pet owner should make their own pet food & drive all these poison peddlers out of business!

  • mitch gent

    Aamen, you’re to the choir!

  • mitch gent

    Amen! ANYTHING from china is poison!

  • Sandra Meissnest

    hi Faye
    can u tell me what ur cooking them… are they getting enough nutrition what kind of raw meat are you giving them and how often? When giving raw meat can that lead to bacterial infection or parasites

  • Cynthia Campbell

    Your mum sounds like a very combative, passive- aggressive contrarion. She clearly resents the care and attention you are devoting to your pet and is determined to sabotage it with inferior and dangerous products. I am afraid she will eventually harm or even kill your pet. Your mum is a sick and evil person.

  • Martha Reichhold

    Hi Gina, FROMM dog food is a US company with no China sourced ingredients. I have beenn feeding it to my 2 pooches for many years and they love it!

  • Martha Reichhold

    Hi Cheryl, Try FROMM dog food…..They are US company and all ingredients are sourced in the USA. I’ve been feeding it to my pooches for many years and my pets love it!

  • Faye Whiddon

    I fail to see how processed dog food from God knows where, can be better than home cooked chicken, beef, lamb with brown rice and veggies. I cooked for 3 Pomeranians all their lives, the last going to puppy heaven at 19. the other were about 17 1/2. I have two large recues now, and the vet tells me not to argue with success…to keep cooking for my dogs, and to add a bit of raw meat occasionally.

  • Harold Missamore
  • Harold Missamore

    calcium is one of the basics and is as I research it can be dangerous if taken from contaminated source. From my RESEARCH TODAY I think everyone here should BOMBARD WALMART COPRPORATE and PETSMART about what ground up animals from CHINA are now in our dog food–as in ground up FUR DOGS MAYBE–and PURITAN VITAMINS too. I’ve been popping PURITAN pills for years. But China products scare me as I DON’T WANT ANYTHING THAT CAN BE EATEN FROM CHINA.

  • Japan has had an on-going triple nuclear meltdown since 2011 from Fukushima. Even drinking water in Tokyo has radiation from these meltdown.

  • windbourne

    oh, there is little doubt that the ingredients HAVE changed.
    I am just counting on the fact that the old owner is still in control.

  • Michels

    I do believe their recipes have changed some what since they were bought by Purina.

  • windbourne

    Our dog has been throwing up lately.
    Now, I wonder what is going on.

  • LB

    I just found out natural balance ingredients come from china! I’ll be throwing that out today!

  • Crazy4cats

    Just two hours ago your dogs were refusing to eat it. What happened?

  • Mary Morin

    My dog is suffering from eating Merrick this just happened recently and now knowing Purina bought them out is freaking me out I blame them for my poodle dying now they are killing my Miniature pincher because this never happened before something has changed. Something is not right

  • Mary Morin

    My dog is suffering from eating Merrick this just happened recently and now knowing Purina bought them out is freaking me out I blame them for my poodle dying now they are killing my Miniature pincher because this never happened before something has changed.

  • Amateria

    I generally almost always shop with my mum, I’m not really a fan of driving down to the shops on my own and because of the way my mum is she prefers if I go with her rather than on my own.

    I’ve simply told her that in the future should you need to go to petstock to take me with you and I’ll show you the brand to buy and hope she remembers.

    She’s also one of those that believes what she hears, she asked about Royal Canin for the like the 3rd time now… and Earthborn which truthfully is pretty expensive here for what it contains and the whole belief of kibble for teeth.

    I do want to add a kibble but it won’t be Earthborn and certainly not for teeth reasons, more for oil reasons, Rusty could use some fish based kibble for his hair and joints and I was thinking of getting Ivory Coats new formula, which looks really good and doesn’t cost a fortune.

  • theBCnut

    Make sure you do the shopping for the pets before it needs to be done and she will be far less likely to buy trash like that again.

  • Amateria

    How my mum could of done this today despite what I’ve been telling her these last few years was generally inconceivable, she went to petstock to buy the puppies frozen raw and came back with a packet of yours droolly chicken jerky… I was shocked beyond belief I have told her countless times to check where it’s made before you buy it and it’s like she just downright ignored me and my concerns.

    Their jerky states very plainly at the back of the packet “made in China” and also boldly claims that its treats are irradiated as if the China wasn’t bad enough omg!

    I took it to my room and threw it in my own trash can as I don’t trust the kitchens one and for good reason, the pack was also already open and 2 jerky’s used up like grrr! I am so angry right now.

    By the way I went on to tell her about it again in an angry tone because I was angry about it and it literally felt like she was brushing me off… She didn’t take me seriously at all like come on!

  • Crazy4dogs

    Hi Gail,
    Please reread your original comment. You said “they exclusively manufactured all their food in China”. It isn’t true, since ALL of the dry food is/was manufactured in Wisconsin.

  • LabsRawesome

    The op never said she was talking about Fromm
    canned. I assumed she was talking about their
    kibble. Either way, Fromm was never included in
    the foods from the melamine recall. There would be
    so much less confusion if people would just say whether
    their talking about canned or kibble. lol. 🙂

  • Bobby dog

    You’re welcome. I don’t remember all the places I found info on it. I was looking for the name of the cannery they used at the time, but I did find it interesting.

  • Pitlove

    Ok yes, thats what I was thinking of. I had it a little backwards. Thank you BD!

  • Bobby dog

    When I first looked into Fromm several years ago to find where the canned food was made I found info that they originally used a cannery in China. You can still find older discussions on other forums about it. I also found a press release announcing they would be making it in the U.S. from several years ago. Here’s one forum discussion:

  • Pitlove

    Hi Gail-

    Could you be confusing manufacturing for sourcing? I believe if my memory serves me correct, from what our Fromm rep at work told us, Fromm in the past had to source from China before another source was found for certain raw materials. I do believe they have always been manufactured in the USA at their own plant.

  • Gail Simons

    You’re right it wasn’t part of the melamine recall ..I didn’t say that it was but back in 2009 some of their food was manufactured in China.

  • Crazy4dogs

    Labs is right and her information is correct.

    I don’t know where you got this information from, but it’s completely wrong. I was using Fromm, along with some others, and it was not a part of the melamine recall.

  • LabsRawesome

    Nice try. Fromm was founded in 1904.
    They are a fifth generation family owned
    company, and have always been manufactured
    in Wisconsin. They had one recall in 112 years.

  • Gail Simons

    When Fromm initially started up a few years ago they exclusively manufactured all their food in China, had some issues and then pulled back to the USA, this was around the time the initial melamine problems were being found.

  • windbourne

    Merrick dog food gets all of their ingredients from America, except where noted (rabbit from Australia or new zealand, etc).

    BUT, they get all of their vitamins and other essentials from American sources. And yes, we DO have them here.

  • Pitlove

    Hi Catherine-

    Japan has a source for taurine actually. Companies like Solid Gold are getting their taurine from Japan, so no China is not the sole source for taurine.

  • Seth Tyrssen

    You’re right about that, of course; and I note with interest that those who made any remotely political comments here, are pretty much in agreement! But the capitalist greed and the bottom line, plus the poverty of most Americans who have no real choice, again points the finger straight at China. So, I stand by what I said originally. It seems our animal friends need a REAL REVOLUTION as much as we do. It’ll never happen; but it sure is needed.

  • Catherine Crago

    Um,pretty much all the pols are whores,dems,republican, tea party…free trade is a joke and the WTO is killing us and our pets.

  • Catherine Crago

    All dog food except some raw foods,has what is called a premix in it,and snd it has folic acid and taurine in it.The only source for pet food grade folic acid and taurine is China.I was looking at Earthborn’s website a few minutes ago and they “can’t guarantee that none of the ingredients come from China. That angers me,because they word it carefully so you hope that they don’t ,when they know full well that they have Chinese ingredients.

  • Catherine Crago

    Where does the folic acid and taurine in the premix come from?
    It comes from China, exclusively. China is the sole source and there’s not a dog food in the country that doesn’t use a premix to meet AAFCO guidelines. Labeling laws are a joke.You may toss all the crap together in Ohio,but it comes from all over the world, including CHINA.

  • Catherine Crago

    Fromm just 3 days ago,recalled 3 different canned foods….and sadly,like virtually every food on the market, uses a premix of mostly vitamins and minerals, including folic acid and taurine which are only available from China.

  • Catherine Crago

    And we better stop the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement or we will be so screwed.Well,realistically, we’re already screwed.

  • Catherine Crago

    China isn’t the problem, world trade and capitalism × greed + human nature is the problem.

    The profit motive,the bottom line trumps everything way of doing business is the problem.

  • Seth Tyrssen

    Kee-rist, between the animal foods, the human foods, and the pharmaceutiecals… if we were gonna go to war against ANYBODY, it should be China. Instead, they get “most favored nation” status. Can’t find ANYTHING made in USA any more.

  • soulfinder2012

    Unfortunately It contains Menadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex …

  • windbourne

    Purina absolutely has ingredients from china. This is ABSOLUTELY KNOWN .

  • Emily

    Unfortunately, Merrick was bought out by Purina this year, hence this means they *might* turn to similar practices and ingredients as Purina. Merrick was a great company, but they have since sold out.

  • Head Head

    They said they still in control of there product someone asked that question on facebook thats what they said.

  • Jan

    Fromm is a great food for dogs and does not use any ingredients from china!

  • yts

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  • Iris

    Ok! Thank-you!

  • Pitlove

    The first half of that statement is true, the other half isnt. Purina is made in the US in US manufacturing facilites that have been USDA inspected.

  • Iris

    Read on down the line and see where the Purina question was addressed. Sorry. Thanks!

  • Iris

    I read in the comment section at another site that Merrick has been bought out by Purina and isn’t all USA made anymore. Do you know if that is true?

  • windbourne

    Yeah, I found that out.
    Really ticks me off.
    I think that we are going to switch to earthborn since it is carried at murdochs. I would just feel better if they would do the same promise that Merrick had about not using Chinese ingredients.

  • Susan

    We have very strict laws here in Australia when it comes to food…inspectors inspect all places that deal with foods for humans & dogs, I was talking to the lady that owns Macro meats, Macro’s are the only company in Australia & world wide that do all the kangaroo meat, she told me the inspectors will just show up without any notice once a week to inspect all the meats & all the meats to be exported & any bruised meats must go for dog food & she said its really good quality kangaroo its just has a bruise or has a mark from the way it was stacked or carried when dead & is not fit for human consumption…..I understand about just buying USA made, we have a Logo stating “Australia Made” & companies must write if any ingredients are imported & then pack here in Australia, some companies will import ingredients then put the Australian Made Logo on their foods & our Government has just made a new law, you can not put the Australian logo if any ingredients have been imported from overseas, about time…

  • Cheryl Durst

    The problem is that Merrick just sold out to Purina. That sucks. Now, we former Merrick customers, are desperate to find another dog food that is Five Star rated like Merrick Grain Free.

  • Crazy4dogs

    If you are ever in doubt on what ingredients are in a food that you are feeding your dog, visit the website or contact the manufacturer. They are generally very good about naming their sources if they are a reputable company.


    I am learning more & more about dog food. One of the things I have learned is that the bag can say, “made in the USA.” However, that label doesn’t tell the whole story. The dog food may have been made here, but one of the ingredients could have been “sourced” from China. From what I have read, something as relatively minor as vitamins & minerals can be sourced from China or something as important as a protein source.

  • marinanaturechannel

    The profit margin on dog food is very high plus there is no excuse for charging $60-70 per bag and not manufacture in the U.S. This is just pure greed.

  • windbourne

    a lot of this is wrong.
    For example, Merrick is made in Texas, and they are loaded with meat including buffalo.

  • windbourne

    I have written here before about Blue Buffalo using Chinese ingrediants, only to have others try to shut me down for telling the truth.

    Merrick is one company that does NOT use Chinese ingrediants. They state it on their website and it appears to be the case.

    However, there is a MUCH simpler way to find out which food has Chinese ingredients.
    Look at the major recalls of recent time. You will find that Blue Buffalo, Purino, Naturo, etc were all recalled. And yes, nearly ALL general purpose pet food recall was because of Chinese ingredients.

  • windbourne

    pretty much all of them.
    I have written here before about Blue Buffalo using Chinese ingrediants, only to have others try to shut me down for telling the truth.

    Merrick is one company that does NOT use Chinese ingrediants. They state it on their website and it appears to be the case.
    However, there is a MUCH simpler way to find out. Look at the major recalls of recent time. You will find that Blue Buffalo, Purino, Naturo, etc were all recalled. And yes, nearly ALL general purpose pet food recall was because of Chinese ingredients.

  • Dori

    I’m sorry if you misunderstood me. I’m not looking for a new food as I don’t feed dry or canned, I wanted a link to your reference that the USA back in 2010 required pet food plants to be SQF certified like human food plants. Thanks.

  • Little Lady

    yes, go to and you can find a dealer from there.

  • Dori

    Thank you el doctor. I did a google search and couldn’t find what Little Lady was referring to that would have required all pet food plants to be SQF certified. I wasn’t sure whether, in deed, they were required and I’d just never come across that information or if they were required and there was simply no one policing the pet food plants.

  • el doctor

    Hi Dori

    On 10-15-2013, Merrick claimed to be the only pet food company that manufactures their own food to have the SQF certification, so either it isn’t required, Merrick was mistaken, or nobody else was following the rules.

    “Merrick Pet Care Receives Safe Quality Food Certification OCTOBER 15, 2013

    Merrick, makers of pet food brands including: Merrick and Castor & Pollux’s Organix and Natural UltraMix brands, is now the only pet food company who manufactures its own food to ever receive this certification.”

  • Dori

    Little Lady, when you have a moment could you post a link to that info. I’ve been searching and can’t find anything. I’d never heard that info.

  • Little Lady

    the USA started in 2010 requiring pet food plants to be SQF certified like human food plants. If a baby crawls across the floor and eats a kernel of dog food it is just as safe as his normal food!

  • Little Lady

    you can get Black Gold pet food from a dealer near you. Made in Missouri by a manufacturer who is a supplier for many larger chains! China don’t supply the USA with as much dog food as you think.

  • Little Lady

    I know for fact, because I work there, Walgreens, Dollar General, Menards, Shopko, Aldi, HyVee, Land O Lakes all have their dog food made right here in the USA. There is a huge plant in Ohio, Kansas City and in Minnesota who produces fresh good balanced dog food and cat food. If your buying something that says made in China – shame on you because your larger brands are made here. Now, some of the specialty things at your vet are made in Australia or china; but meat based and bison based foods for dogs do come out of Ohio! Read your packaging!!! your dogs food is just as important as your own. Get educated!!!

  • Ang shermanazi

    There absolutely needs to be a made in America dog and cat food with local ingredients and if not, I say every member of this site group up and start one ourselves. I would switch immediately if I found out I was feeding my dog something made in China. The absolute horror that came over me while looking at photos from their dog eating festival was immense. The people that defend that festival disgust me. It was inspiring the way the Buddhists bought as many full cages as they could. It’s such a shame how people can treat an animal. The only way I would stay is if I found out the food was made by Buddhist monks!

  • helenanic013

    Thank you. Very simply, yet well, said.

  • Justin Lynn

    Pharmacists rarely know where something is made, they just go by the label, made in USA doesn’t mean the ingredients are US sourced and companies largely are not required to tell you where they source the raw material.

  • Justin Lynn

    Costs too much to produce some things in the US and consumers generally won’t pay more, so companies seek out lower cost countries to produce their goods.

    Same thing in Canada and most of the western world, anything with a low profit margin just can’t be made in a high cost country without significant price increases.

  • Dr J

    Orijen is all sourced in Canada and they have stricter rules on Dog food than the USofA. I am sure there are comparable companies in the US

  • barbara smith

    I feed Honest Kitchen which is completely a US product with nothing sourced from China. It’s a dehydrated food so it’s much more nutritious than kibble. Kibble is processed with a high heat rendering most of the nutrition useless, and becomes carcinogenic in the process. It also contains aflatoxins which can cause liver damage and other health issues. Honest Kitchen is made with mostly organic ingredients and the rest are cage free and wild or sourced from local farmers who do not spray. It’s really a great company.

  • Dr J

    I am feeding my dogs Orijen from Canada. Since we have change none of our dogs has any problems with itching or ears. It costs more, but you will feed a lot less and have greatly reduced vet bills.

  • ron44

    killing us and our pets? is this your goal in the one world government by letting China manufacture every thing we need? no wonder the tea parties came onto being, they are sick of the sell outs by republicrats.

  • linda555555

    Are all the vitamins china free too? I heard they say all from usa then you call & they say some vitamins only are from china!

  • Dori

    That is no reason to do your best to avoid synthetic vitamins from China. We’re not always successful but we should do our best and do as much research as possible and call companies manufacturing foods and ask your pharmacist when you purchase vitamins for yourself. I do. It’s not a big deal. Just ask, email, or hey!, make a phone call.

  • aquariangt

    you can go ahead and ignore Bob’s copied response to you. I agree-I don’t touch Chinese ingredients

  • Bob K

    Companies source their ingredients from a variety of sources for a variety of reasons including weather, cost, availability, shipping costs, etc…… One month is is from Iowa the next Canada and the next Mexico. They do this to keep costs to the consumer down and maintain their profits. Just because a company buys an ingredient from a US company does not mean the ingredient did not originate in another country perhaps CHina. Do you check where all your human foods come from? Are you sure. Just because the chili was made in the US does not mean some of the ingredients did not come from a foreign country and perhaps repackaged a few times in between from a train car to a pallet to a 50lb sack

  • Bob K

    What do you feed your dog? The US has lots of food recalls for both human and pet foods. Over 3000 people die in the US each year due to food borne illness, so the US food supply is also questionable. China is the worlds leader in vitamin mfg. welcome to the real world.

  • FedUpWIthInsanity

    Gina, I can’t tell you one in America, but I finally went with Origen from Canada for my Siamese cat. Expensive–but especially during their growing years.

  • FedUpWIthInsanity

    I am so sick of Made in China–what in the world is WRONG with America?!? We have sold our soul to this country!! They EAT dogs in China, do you think they give a care what we feed them?

  • Toller Power

    IS there a list somewhere which lists the BRANDS who have Chinese ingredients? This would be very helpful for the general population….

  • Alexandra Kimbrough

    Annamaet is also 100% China free. I spoke to one of their reps and no ingredients whatsoever come from China (including vitamins, minerals, and other supplements).

  • theBCnut

    After that recall, Merrick decided to take charge of their own dog food. Go to merrickpetcare dot com to read all about it.

  • abbygal64

    so that is why the last dog food recall made in China Merrick was one of them? Merrick was one of the foods made in china that was recalled. Look it up online. Another thing, Merric makes senior dog food, all made here in the USA, but their puppy dog food has ingredients sourced from China. So any company can have some of both.

  • Vadge Sinclair

    Merrick? I guess they were dishonest with me. Sorry I misread your comment. They are China free!

  • Birdmother Marcy

    Uh-oh…..BilJac also lists a ton of vitamins in their ingredient list….and I just read here that China makes like 90 percent of supplements and vitamins. I wouldn’t even buy a ceramic bowl or plate from China!

  • Birdmother Marcy

    Thank you Brandon for sharing the results of your research! Very cool and kind of you. I’ve searched other platforms, like one on FB…and the author wanted folks to pay money to see his or her research results.
    I just got this one at Petsmart: Super Premium BilJac Grain Free Adult Formula. Real chicken is the #1 ingredient..(not from China, I hope) I don’t like that dried beet pulp is one of the ingredients as most beets are GMO. The manager had recommended it when I said “no Chinese ingredients”…I better go to their web site at and check further or call them….since you didn’t mention them as a safe choice….

  • MaryMary, Houston, TX

    I recently joined Here’s a recent report on how well our pet food inspectors are doing and their request for consumers to lead the fight…
    There are some quality USA sourced and made pet foods you can buy, but you may have to order them online. Check out resources on the site that charge a nominal fee or make your own with their recipe book:
    The resources are excellent. I haven’t reviewed the recipe book, but plan to buy it soon.

  • MaryMary, Houston, TX
  • MJ C

    FROMM – it states it on their website. Nothing from China. Nothing.

  • schrodie

    That may have been an auto-correct error, DDK. I’ve found that many foreign and Latin words get corrected to the closest English word.

  • schrodie

    I see that your post was made on Saturday, November 16, 2013 at 9:25 pm. Hover over the gray ‘date’ text next to a user name and it will show the date and time of your post. When I posted this reply, the date text next to your name read ‘7 months ago’. The hover text told me exactly when you made the post. 🙂

    Posted on Sunday 6/22/2014 9:26 am (by my clock)

  • linda555555

    Seriously?? Bwahaha calling americans stupid is smart to you?

  • linda555555

    sad but true

  • Dr J

    The arsenic content depends on the origin of the rice.

  • linda555555

    Brown rice has more arsenic.

  • Penelope Rusch

    spoken like a real man, grow up people and remember this is for the animals and there health!

  • James Quiring

    My puppy died from a product supposedly made in the us

  • nano

    1st of all what is printed on the label is part of the ingredient list, don’t be fooled. All products have master ingredient list. You also should be aware that US is run by big business where ethics are shelved. Look up neonicotinoids, a pesticide that is killing bees, animals and people, developed by the Chinese bought by Bayer, Monsanto, and Basf. Banned in Eu but still used throughout the US. What about GMO, are pets developing cancer and odd diseases more then ever? Just make yourself aware and don’t think the Government necessarily has your best interest in mind.- Money, money MONEY

  • nano

    on my computer through my software it definitely shows the age of the posting next to the name as in case, posting was 5 mths ago

  • LabsRawesome
  • Aloveoflabs Mike Sharp

    So all the ingredients used in Merrick is produced stateside?

  • LabsRawesome

    Aloveoflabs Mike Sharp , Merrick is China Free.

  • LabsRawesome

    Hi cindylmn, Merrick is China Free.

  • Betsy Greer

    Another Canadian food I think is great is Horizon. I used to use Horizon Legacy, but can’t any longer as one of mine has developed an intolerance, but I think Horizon makes wonderful products. It’s also pretty affordable for such a high quality food. Maybe a good one to rotate with Orijen.

  • Dr J

    Try Canadian companies, since Canada is stricter in Dog food manufacturing than the US of A. I feed Orijen and the 4 dogs we have do most excellently on this.

  • cindylmn

    Hi, I am new to this site and I have that same question about which dog foods are made entirely in the US.
    I had purchased C.E.T. dog chews and asked the manufacuring company, Verbacvet, if this product was made in the US. Below is their reply. I’m not sure how I feel about Mexico having a hand in this that is why I subscribed to this website so to get a better understanding for the betterment of my dog. Thanks for your time.
    “C.E.T. ® ENZYMATIC ORAL HYGIENE CHEWS for Dogs and C.E.T. ® HEXTRA® PREMIUM CHEWS are manufactured in Mexico using current Good Manufacturing Practices.
    The cattle hides used to make dental chews for Virbac come from North America.
    The cleaning and preparation process used in making the chew takes care to ensure that the finished product is safe and effective for pets when used as directed. This quality is monitored both in the manufacturing facility and by Virbac again before shipping to customers.
    The C.E.T chews have a long history of excellent quality and safety. Virbac strongly believes that C.E.T. chews are an excellent choice to help people provide home dental preventive care for their dogs.”

  • Aloveoflabs Mike Sharp

    That’s great. I will check it out today! Thanks Betsy I appreciate the information.

  • Betsy Greer

    You’re in luck Mike! After months of anticipation, Dr. Mike has just launched the new Editor’s Choice list today! The list includes ingredient sourcing and recall history for the manufacturer. There is a $14.99 fee for an annual membership, but there new information monthly. Check it out!:

  • Aloveoflabs Mike Sharp

    Are there any quality dog foods made in the US that contain ALL ingredients from the US and none from foreign suppliers?

  • Paw Paws

    all I can say is WOW 😐

  • Pattyvaughn

    I read the 23 page FDA report on the Chinese chicken jerky fiasco and I have to say that I was quite impressed. They have tested for everything they have a test for and even created new tests because of this whole thing. They still can’t figure out what is wrong with the things, but not for lack of trying.

  • Pattyvaughn

    LOL!! I thought you were admitting something!

  • georgeydog

    That should read “when” suppliers lie

  • Georgeydog

    I have been through FDA audits. Not a fun thing. Very detailed. They do a better job then you would think. But we suppliers lie, it takes a while to track that down. This is ten fold when the supplier is a closed door government in the first place. Still the inspectors are doing good work.

  • Pattyvaughn

    It has nothing to do with trusting the government, and everything to do with trusting(or not) dog food manufacturers. Neither have a good history, but they are useful for comparison purposes.

  • Alpha Dog Food

    “And that’s precisely the reason The Dog Food Advisor relies solely on government-regulated pet food labels and intentionally ignores virtually everything else.”

    That’s all well and good, but who really trusts the government?

  • Pattyvaughn

    Spambot much?

  • Our body utilizes vitamin D for bone growth. Furthermore, it helps your body absorb calcium. Sunlight is a main vitamin D source, but vitamin D can also be had through egg yolks, fish oil and milk. Carrots, pumpkin and sweet potatoes are sources of vitamin A.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Scroll down to the oldest comment and hover your mouse over the ##months ago and it should give you the date and time of that post. That post was made within hours of this page going up.

  • SoCalEaglesFan

    I wish people would habitually date the posts they put on the internet. I have no idea when this post was written. Could have been 10 years ago.

    This could be completely outdated information and it probably is in 2013. Without a date, people would be wise to ignore any information and advice found within this or any other post they come across on the internet.

    “Today” is not meaningful. An actual date, is.

  • Dr J

    Thank you so much for correcting my English…ehhh Latin….I do hope it makes you fell better….it is a blog not a Latin class. Anything else you would like to contribute to the topic….?

  • DDK

    It’s “ad-hominem” not “ad-hominy.”

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  • LethaILily

    so says the guy on the internet. What companies were those?

  • This community does not welcome discourteous behavior or name calling for any reason or at any time.

    I would appreciate the help of everyone when these kinds of comments are posted so that I can take appropriate action as soon as possible. Thank you for your help.

  • Bobs

    Is that why the tainted dog treats started back in 2007. The fda can’t find out from their tests what is killing all these dogs to this date.

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  • Brandon McBride

    I have done extensive research for my dog and cat, it is important to me specifically because my previous dog and cat where sickened by Chinese wheat in dog and cat food a few years ago, the food they where on was recalled but they where already sick. My previous dog, the poor thing had intestinal issues for the last 5 years of her life because of the damage done. They where on the most expensive food at petsmart at the time, but as I sadly found out price has very little to do with Chinese ingredient use. The food was nutromax and the worst thing was when i contacting the company they said they still intended to use the same Chinese supplier after the recall was over, but claimed they where sending quality control people to china, what a joke. My research has come up with a few companies that use no Chinese ingredients whatsoever. I have contacted the factories and seen the ingredient origin sheets, unfortunately they are more expensive then normal pet food, but i prefer to spend money on the pet not the vet. Fromm, Merrick, Ziwipeak, Orijen, Castor and Pollux, and Arcana are the ones with no china ingredients of any kind. Before you choose a food please call the company whatever food you choose, a lot of them like blue buffalo are very good foods, but they outsource there production to third parties and often don’t have control over mineral and vitamin origin.

  • Sugar

    The FDA does something vs. nothing, but a lot of people in the FDA have ties to the industry. A lot of them are bias or corrupt, sorry but it is true. Then they are overwhelmed as the market is so big and it all lacks oversight. The FDA has said some interesting things and have done good things, they at least do some testing, but much more needs to be done in terms of regulation.

  • Sugar

    It is because they have chemicals in China in the US they don’t know about and are unable to detect them. Also it is unclear how the chemicals interact together. I must applaud our local Walmart by not selling anymore any China Jerkey. Most of them they have here are human grade and all are sourced from the USA.

  • BlueWolf

    We do raise chickens here and now the Dept. of Agriculture is allowing American chickens to be exported to China, then imported back to us, as who only knows what! Also many of our vitamins are from China. Look into it.

  • BlueWolf

    So true about the FDA, just want to line their pockets. They don’t care about us, much less our pets.

  • BlueWolf

    Quality Control? That’s a laugh, isn’t it! They have tested all the food and have found several chemicals and illegal additives, but still can’t figure out what the Chinese have put in it that is killing our babies.

  • Sugar

    You are right about this! The FDA has stated that there are more chemicals out there esp. in China, than they can detect. No wonder they can’t find the cause as to why China jerkies kill dogs…stuff that gets imported goes through some testing, but they test only a few samples, not the entire shipment of course, and things are getting missed.
    Now they allow to have chicken shipped to China for processing and shipped back, what happened? Someone in the Gov. being paid off? How many people are going to lose their jobs here I wonder, and since when do we want more China products?

  • BlueWolf

    They’ve tested the foods and find small amounts of “bad stuff” in them. Still can’t find out exactly what it is that’s killing all the pets. You can be sure its not good! They also use tons of fertilizers, some not approved or have been outlawed in the U.S.

  • BlueWolf

    Where do they get the vitamins they add to the pet products. A large percentage of C, E, A and others are manufactured in China. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg..

  • BlueWolf

    Best idea yet. FRESH chicken before it has had a chance to be sent to China to be processed, then returned to the US. I’m sure it won’t tell us its been adulterated with chemicals and carcinogens in China, either. If they’ll do that to us, do you really think they care about our pets?

  • BlueWolf

    They actually inspect a minute amount of the imports. Plus, theu have all kinds of low-level chemicals and carcinogenics in many of the items they sell us. Next, American chicken to be shipped overseas courtesy of our Agriculture Department, then shipped back here–for HUMANS. Can only imagine what’s in the pet food. I’m really losing my desire for meat/poultry/fish.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Too true, but I’m all for the rules for posting here also. And they state that name calling is a no-no.

  • Dr J

    Patty, I have no interesting in flagging a comment, because the writer of such comments disqualifies themselves from being taken serious. I am all for free speech, because speech will show the character of the speaker…. 🙂

  • Pattyvaughn

    To flag a comment, hover over the upper right corner until a flag appears, then click on it, then click on yes.

  • Dr J

    Glad to see there is a civilized discussion going on, not. If anybody seriously thinks that I will be taking their post serious while they are using ad-hominy attacks they they are mistaken. No wonder our political system is broken, when we the people are unable to discuss something like dog food sourcing in a civilized manner. It is finally up to anybody to choose the dog food they want, unfortunately the dog has no say, but it is certainly counterproductive to use name calling, because somebody does not agree with ones own point of view.

  • Commonsense202

    So glad you are not a citizen, China man.

  • Nature’s Logic is a good option too.

  • c.durham


  • c. durham

    Went to the Pet’s Barn site, looks promising. Thanks for sharing Robert P.S.Just moved from Atl missing it. P.S.S. Interesting documentary about our trade with China and the produces we import titled ‘DEATH BY CHINA’ recommend.

  • Robert

    I was able to find a dog food company that used all USA ingredients. How do I know? Because I was able to speak to the owner of the dog food plant and he showed me his ingredient list and origin sheet.

    My dogs have done so well on it. It is called Activa by a company called Pet’s Barn. I discovered it when I was stationed at Ft. Bliss a few years back. I am just glad that I can still order it online now that I am back in Atlanta.

  • ron

    dog food yes supplements no! look what happened to diamond.

  • Your going to trust the goverment! How naive. The government doesnt care about pets and its starting to not care about people except how much money they can get out of everyones pockets. Pets are not on this governments priority list Im talking about the good ol USA! Its not the country it use to be people!

  • Jeff

    You’re a Clown who shoots off your Mouth,because you can be anyone or anything on the internet! Your a loud mouth that Works at a Pet Store so you think it makes you an expert on Dog treats! Go back to your PlayStation and STFU!

  • RatatoskMalice

    Yeah I wish I was a branch manager and marketing director of one of those chain stores. Sorry to burst your bubble princess but I don’t work there

  • Jeff

    Sorry! But you Work at Petsmart or Petco!

  • leasejr

    Oh Please, I worked at one of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the world in manufacture of consumer goods and dog food. It ain’t so….I worked in QA

  • Dr J

    Vance Decker,
    You may want to tune down you abrasive way of talking to the lot of us. You seem to blame people who care about their dogs to be responsible for the crap that China imports into this country. Now let me enlighten you. All of us here are not supporting any Chinese importers, if anything we are very much against the idea. I have 4 big dogs and I have had 2 of them for nearly 13 years and I have avoided any food that has not been sourced from the Americas. I do not feed them any supplements, nor do I take any supplements, because I believe that a basic healthy diet contains everything we or our dogs need. if you believe that your dog needs supplements you are not feeding your dog the right diet and probably you are not feeding yourself the right diet, either. The issue here is that China has cornered the market of supplements and I do not trust them as far as I could throw a 1000 pound block of shite…go on fed your poodle the supplements. I feed my dogs meat and high quality chow…verified Canadien, because they seem to care more about their pets than humans 😉

  • leasejr

    Corporate product supply does it this way, sample, ship immediately to trade and then get test results….oh my! salamanella! RECALL…..

  • Vance Decker

    Fine, but I’m responding to his dumb advice in this article.

    Government has done NOTHING to help regulate this industry and yet his solution is to look for government regulated dog food. How stupid do you think people are?

  • Storm’s Mom

    I hardly think Dr Mike’s wants to “make consumers think that resistance is futile and there is nothing they can do”!!! This blog would not EXIST if that were true!!! I would suggest you visit more pages of this this one, for starters:

  • Vance Decker

    This blog is probably written in China. It’s designed to make consumers think that resistance is futile and there is nothing they can do.

    Well, one thing you can do, is actually find out where and how your dog food is manufactured, local farmers markets are one good way to meet the actual producer.

    Instead this dumb blog says that the best way is to only buy government regulated dog food????? The government is corrupt and incompetent.

  • Pattyvaughn

    There are also a few in the US, but it is rare. But this article doesn’t say that there aren’t any. It says

    “Of course. It’s likely some pet foods actually are.”

    It’s just rare and there is no legal guarartee it won’t change from batch to batch.

  • Keithroc

    Well this is not exactly true. There are certain brands of dog food from New Zealand that are 100% New Zealand products used. Also a few from Australia.

  • RatatoskMalice

    yeah, imported from Argentina as I stated, FYI Argentina is not in China, sorry to correct your amazing geography skills. No contradiction buddy, you just lack reading skills or basic knowledge of geography

  • US_petlover

    So funny. You wouldn’t fee your dog a food that was imported from China BUT you claim the imported is tested…for weeks! It’s a contradiction…

  • neezerfan

    I didn’t really think so.

  • Dr J

    Just to beat a dead horse. From the FDA web-page

    They have a bout 2000 staff available dealing with a 2 trillion dollar import scenario……

    Q: FDA inspects or samples less than 1 percent of all regulated
    products seeking entry into the United States. Why doesn’t the agency do

    A: The tremendous volume of imports—about $2 trillion worth
    of products each year from more than 230 countries—makes it impossible to physically examine every product entering the country. Instead, we use a targeted, risk-based approach.

  • RatatoskMalice

    or Maybe Pet owners should be more astute and responsible about what they feed their furbabies. I for one would never feed my dog anything that had preservatives or chemicals or was a chinese import.

  • RatatoskMalice

    How am I spreading misinformation? So I am guessing your work for the FDA or import pet products? Yes they test every food or treat related import that comes into the US, not each individual piece of dog food or each individual bully stick, but they test a small percentage of each shipment. a simple google search could show you that.

  • CranberryCoco

    Well no testing means companies don’t have any quality control. Companies could start doing what Evangers did with their canned food.

  • RatatoskMalice

    I never stated that they test every single individual product out of each shipment, but that they do test each import that comes into the USA.

  • Dr J

    Dream on, they test a small sample of the shipment before they clear it and that not even for every shipment. How large do you think the FDA labs are? Just think of the trillions of dollars in food imports every year. Actually to make your own USA certified dog food and dog treats is a doodle. Buy the meat or veggies from your local farm/butcher desicate it or bake it and Bob is your uncle.

  • Dr J

    I think this discussion is redundent based on the fact that we are dealing with a country that has CEO’s that do not care about the products for their own people/babies. Why should they give two hoots about our dogs. Plus has anybody ever looked at Asian fish farms. They are cesspools of dead and rotten fish, but hell people want to pay 2 bucks a pound for tapalia’s then you do not need to be surprised.

  • AlMax

    Just knowing China executed two guys for mixing melamine into baby formula for humans, is all the information I need to make me keep chinese products off my dog’s snack shelf.

  • catmom

    only 2% of pet food frim China is tested. If you are relying on the FDA to protect your pets OR yourself for that matter you are foolish.

  • Shawna

    I wouldn’t give the US too many props as it is US made ingredients that have been shown to be contaminated with the euthanasia drug pentobarbital… When it comes right down to the nitty gritty of it, you and I are the ones looking out for your and my dogs and families…

  • Nancy Post

    That’s not true. There is no law that states this.

  • Nancy Post

    There you go spreading misinformation again. There simply is NO WAY the FDA can test EVERY ITEM that comes into this country. It takes a small sampling (2%) and tests.

  • Nancy Post

    The quality of the products coming from China is way lower than the U.S quality. This is what is killing our pets. You must be a big importer of Chinese crap.

  • Shawna

    I do agree with you that something is better than nothing but it’s still VERY limited as to what they have the man power to accomplish. I found this on the FDA’s site.

    “Q: FDA inspects or samples less than 1 percent of all regulated
    products seeking entry into the United States. Why doesn’t the agency do

    A: The tremendous volume of imports—about $2 trillion worth
    of products each year from more than 230 countries—makes it impossible to physically examine every product entering the country. Instead, we use a targeted, risk-based approach.”

    Additionally, the FDA has a history of being on the side of corporate business when push comes to shove — as evidenced by many of their decisions.

  • Nancy Post

    Stop spreading misinformation.

  • Nancy Post

    No, it doesn’t.

  • Nancy Post

    No, the FDA certainly does not test all pet food being imprted. Only about 2%. The most recent scare is the jerky treats that came from China that has killed 600 U.S. pets and sickened thousands.

  • RatatoskMalice

    I wonder how many pets and possibly humans would have perished if FDA did no testing at all.

  • RatatoskMalice

    Unless they are being illegally imported all consumables have to go through fda testing. Does that mean they personally unwrap every single hard candy and test it? I doubt it. I’m sure they randomly test a little of each batch

  • RatatoskMalice

    Yeah, you could say I just work in a pet store if your want to be a condasending arrogant prick about it. In reality I am the branch manager/marketing director of two different pet related companies. Also was waiting for two weeks on some bully sticks to pass through from the fda back when I originally posted and we are still waiting on them. Been more than a couple weeks now.

  • whyIoughta


  • whyIoughta

    Well then, that proves we need one less gov’t agency that is expensive and ineffective.

  • tessaprn

    Well then maybe dog owners need to start suing the FDA for not doing an effective job.

  • tessaprn

    Well maybe the FDA needs to reorganize because they sure aren’t stopping dogs from dying from the supply of materials coming out of China,

  • Jeff

    So you work in a Pet store!

  • Chicken Lady

    I don’t know where you live, but I know for fact that Tyson grows chickens here in USA. I’ve seen the truck loads of live chickens heading to the plant in Kelso Washington. I’ve also looked into growing for them. So, I can’t say for fact that all their chicken is grown in USA, but I know that quite a bit is grown here.

  • Bob K

    RatatoskMalice – I am still skeptical on your claim that “all pet food”, perhaps it is because of the packing or its is considered raw or open meats or the country of origin. I know of many human foods that are canned, packaged that undergo no testing. Lots of imported cookies, candies, olive oils, cakes, come in from Europe with no testing.

  • RatatoskMalice

    Not to mention that was some of the most uneducated, ignorant writing I have read all day. But since when you ask “where is that going to get you China?” I would have to assume you forget that we are over one trillion dollars in debt to them so apparently it’s getting them somewhere

  • RatatoskMalice

    When treats or dog food are imported we don’t even get to see them until FDA is done with their tests.

  • neezerfan

    So each item has to be tested by the FDA for several weeks before it is sold?

  • RatatoskMalice

    I do various work for a large pet product distributor/manufacturer and its sister company which is a smaller online pet product store

  • InkedMarie

    Hi Ratatosk,
    What company do you work in?

  • RatatoskMalice

    I know this because I work In the pet product industry. Most of our products are made 100% in the USA. Though we have some more affordable bully sticks that we source from Argentina. When they get imported to the US it takes weeks for us to get them because of the FDA lab tests. That is where I get my information from

  • Bob K

    Blue Bird – Over 3000 US citizens die yearly from tainted food. The US food system is far from the best in the world for safety. Just think about all those people who become sick and never seek medical attention or just go to the local clinic in an emergency.