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    Lobo H

    There’s a couple of things you can look into regarding diet, something called the BARF diet
    Or getting your husky pup on a raw diet. Search Ian Bilinghirst, and Dr Karen Becker have excellent iinformation.

    I feed my husky raw lamb, rice, frozen veggies, sometimes I throw him a carrot to chew on, he likes butternut squash – raw – frozen peas, egg shells, and sometimes kefir for a probiotic.

    These are just some suggestions, I give him lamb marrow bones, he can chew the marrow.

    Tbh, sounds like your pup is starving. He’s eating and his body is refuting the food by passing through him too quickly for the nutrients to sustain, 50 lbs sounds light for a husky, perhaps at 1 year though he can gain another 10 pounds and be healthy at 2 yrs.

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)