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    Did one of the major box companies just Acquire Zuke’s?? I hear it was Nestle Purina….anyone hear the same?

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    Yes, Nestle/Purina bought them. Here’s a link to the press release on the Zukes site: http://www.zukes.com/meet-zukes/for-media/press-releases/zukes-partners-with-nestle-purina-petcare

    Needless to say, with Purina’s abysmal record, I will no longer buy Zukes for my dogs or my clients’ dogs.

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    I’m so mad! I work at a small pet boutique and the Hip Action is our only treat with added glucosamine/egg shell membrane/MSM

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    I’d say give it a chance.

    Nestle Purina seems to be making more of an entry into the higher end food / treat market. They purchased Natura and everyone thought there would be changes to EVO and so far, that hasn’t happened. The EVO recall probably would’ve happened regardless.

    Zuke’s is a quality product that they may very well not mess with.

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    Um, Betsy, P&G purchased Natura. I’m glad I’m not the only one that’s messed up today.

    But I agree, Purina is trying to enter the natural foods market, so wait and see if they leave Zuke’s alone. Just keep an eye on it.

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    Oh that is such a bummer! I love Zuke’s Z-Ridge bones… So far they’re the only dental chews I’ll buy the dogs (other than raw bones and home made things, of course). I’ll have to just keep an eye on them to see if their formulas change for the worse… =/

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    It’s always about the money! Just started giving my little guys Zuke’s bones and they seemed to love them and I thought they were a better choice. I too will be closely watching the ingredients and will be sending an email to Zuke’s.

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    LOL! Doh! Thanks for setting me straight, Patty!

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    Nooooo! My guys loved the Zukes Hip Action treats, and I could get them really cheap off PetMountain 🙁 I guess I wont be buying them anymore.

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    I just found this topic. I was thinking about the whole Zukes thing after the discussion on the coupons thread, and wondering if I should use them again. As far as I know there have been no formula or manufacturing changes, I’m just worried because Purina has been involved in so many recalls, including the jerky ones. Thoughts anyone?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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