Yr. old westie raw from beginning -still has skin issues

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    nan p

    This is our 2nd Westie. The first lived 12 years. Spent thousands of $’s on skin problems for 9 yrs. When we finally went raw his skins cleared up.

    So we started this puppy on raw from day one. She has mostly eaten Bravo Balance and regular bravo with Grandma Lucy’s. She gets tripe and her omega 3’s and digestive enzymes. She still had Demodectic Mange at 7 months. That cleared up with meds.

    At 12 months her hair started thinning and she got itchy. Changed food this month to Stella and Chewy’s Duck, Duck Goose. She hasn’t had duck before so thought we’d give it a go. Vet referred us to dermatologist. We go this week. It looks like she is developing Malasseaia dermatitis. I’m very familiar with that from westie #1.

    So have any of you had experience with the allergy skin scrape test and allergy shots if needed?

    I am doing everything right from day one and this sweet puppy still has skin problems. I’m sure they would be worse if she weren’t already fed raw. Any one else experience this?

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    I have not had allergy testing done & my “problem dog” had recurrent ear infections. My holistic vet suggested my own raw, not a pre made because a lot of them add fruits, veggies and other stuff which may have set him off. I buy ground from Hare Today & Reel Raw. There is also My Pet Carnivore. Something to think about.

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