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    I have two Corsos they are about a year apart. The eldest has a sensitive stomach. I have been through Blue Buffalo, Chicken Soup for the Dog lovers Soul, Hills, Earth Born, and I decided to try Rachel Ray and she can eat it without pooping water. Now they both poop ALL the time! Any suggestions on an affordable food that will help with this issue.

    BTW her stomach problems are from a bacterial GI infection she contracted from pond water a year ago. STAY AWAY FROM PONDS!

    Any help would be appreciated!! Thank you!

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    What food are you on now? I would try Firstmate. Its a limited ingredient food that has about double the amount of fiber then your typical dog food. Have you tried supplementing with pumpkin or the like?

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    Hi Mommadog-
    Have you got rid of the infection? Was it giardia? Mine had a tough go with giardia and now are also sensitive. I am currently using Victor grain free with a digestive supplement and they seem to be doing much better. Good luck.

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    Sounds like they may need a good probiotic to help. And adding a tablespoon of pumpkin as well. I’ve used Dinovite with great success. Added it to Blue Buffalo and a tablespoon of pumpkin.

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    I found my boy needs less fiber not more..He’s on the Eukanuba Intestinal vet prescription diet its 1.75% fiber.. it also has FOS…Eukanuba does make a Sensitive Digestion thats sold at pet shops its similar to the Intestinal, the fiber is 1.60%, but this food does have corn, his poos are perfect & only 2 a day, it’s the only kibble that has worked so far.. Im about to try Nutro Natural choice Chicken & Rice but the Australian made Nutro not Americian.. they have one for the Sensitive tummys but the fiber is 3.5%

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    I tend to avoid Eukanaba, as it’s not very quality. The suggestions of Victor and other GF foods were good, then adding digestive supplements (like probiotics and fiber from pumpkin). My boy used to go a LOT too. He made 6-10 full-sized piles daily. We moved him to a better quality food without all those junky fillers, and he went down to 2-4 piles daily.

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