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    Sue S

    Hello, Trying to figure out which is better for a dog with very, very soft stools.

    I have heard that “Grain Free” is better and been told that “Whole Grain” is the way to go.
    Feedback anyone?

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    I can’t speak about GF vs whole grain but I have to use a low fiber food for my Ginger. Earthborn Primitive Natural is 2.5% think, some of the Victor foods are 3.8.

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    Hi Sue S-
    What are you currently feeding that you think miscasting the soft stools?

    Have you taken a stool sample in to be tested for worms and/or parasites?

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    Sue S

    Hi, She is currently on Royal Canin Hydrolyzed Protein. Was on Science Diet (which I’ll never use again). The vet also has her on Proviable-Forte, paste & capsules. She has been on the Proviable-Forte several times too. All stool samples come back clear.

    Trying this Royal Canin Hydrolyzed Protein route, (only temporary) but looking for a replacement “Dry” dog food and wanted to see if “Whole Grain” should be considered or “Grain Free” in my choices.

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    Ok, yikes. My vet put my corgi on Hills science diet for loose stools. What are the cons of this brand?

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    Denise M

    Can’t speak to the grain free/whole grain issue but I have a retired racing greyhound currently on T of the Wild Lamb and oh my have we ever had loose cow patties. Has been tested and negative for worms – I have added canned Pumpkin 1/8 cup once a day and voila. So if that’s of any help to OP – if not tried could be worth your effort. That’s plain canned pumpkin not pie filling. Good luck

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