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    My 2.5 yr old Shih Tzu has a history of vomiting & occasional diarrhea. She has no IBD dx yet but vet is treating it as such. She has been on various meds. Right now she takes a 1/2 Pepcid at night. Here is a list of dog foods she’s been on, time on & her reactions:

    Wellness Core Puppy, 8 months, bouts of diarrhea
    Wellness Complete Health Small Breed, 1 yr 3 mo, occasional bile vomiting early morning hrs
    4Health Small Bites, 2 months, HGE like illness
    Wellness Complete Health Healthy Weight, 2 months, occasional vomiting
    Hills Science Diet Sensitive Skin & Stomach, 2 weeks, poops small pellet like
    California Natural Lamb & Rice, 3 weeks, 3 days at 100%, poops less firm, glossy exterior.

    My question is… She just completed the transition 100% to the California Natural Lamb & Rice this past Saturday, her poops are not as firm as they used to be before going 100% but my biggest concern is they started having a glossy wet look to the outside. She has NEVER had this problem before. Unless it was flat out liquid diarrhea she has never had wet looking stools.

    What ingredient in the Lamb & Rice could be causing this? This is the first time she’s ever had Lamb obviously but has had rice before.

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    Madelon H

    Hi there. Is your dog still having issues? If so, I’m wondering – I know this is gross but – what color are the poops and has there been any weight loss?

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    Sounds like your friend is passing mucus from her/his intestine. Mine will do that if they have a cold. Im no Vet, so dont take what I say to be true. It will cease soon.

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