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    kaitlin h


    My Chow Chow is 4 years old, she has always ate Rachel Ray Nutrish. Lately she will go all day with a bowl full from the morning and not touch it once. Then I assume from her not eating her stomach is empty and she will throw up bile. I started adding wet food to her dry food and she normally will eat it. But, there are still 3 out 7 days she will not even touch the food , or she will just eat the wet off the top. Can someone help me with advice on what to do. Or can someone give me a recommendation of what food to switch her to. There are too many options out there and reviews are all similar. I asked my vet, but they promote the food they sell there, or tell me to put her on a bland diet, but I don’t think her stomach is messed up she just doesn’t eat therefore she throws up.

    In search of new reliable dog food for Chow Chow.

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    I am not a fan of free feeding, for tips you may find helpful see General Guidelines in this link http://www.homeovet.net/dynamic/php/downloads/dog-c8470f2c75dbe4b683205c3919ee2310/dog_diet_complete.pdf

    I have recently discovered this site and find it informative http://skeptvet.com/Blog/category/nutrition/

    My dog with allergies and a sensitive stomach does well on Nutrisca salmon and chickpea with a spoonful of cooked chicken added, plus a splash of water.

    My 15 year old small breed does well on Wysong or Nutrisca kibble soaked in water overnight, a little cooked chicken added, plus water (hx of bladder stones)

    I recently took the old guy in for a checkup and his lab work is better than mine, lol.
    He has age related issues but otherwise healthy.

    PS: I never leave food down, if they don’t eat within 20 minutes the food is picked up and put in the fridg, offered at the next mealtime.

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    Your dog is probably bored of the food. Its the same as you changing your diet often so you don’t get bored, your dog would like the same variety.

    Give thought to a rotational diet, where you can either rotate the protein source within one brand or the brand and the protein source every 3-4 months to keep your dogs interest peaked. Thats how I solved the problem of my dog being picky and not eating.

    I would suggest staying with the 4 to 5 star quality foods and still doing the wet too. I firmly believe wet food should be a part of every dogs diet. Its much healthier for them than dry when you can’t feed a raw diet. Pure Balance is another Walmart brand that is 3.5 or 4 stars I believe for the GF. I feed the dry and wet. I’ve also used Fromm, Nature’s Variety, Orijen, and Precise Holistic Complete.

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    Hey, Kaitlin! I completely agree with Red and pitlove up there. Look up rotation on the home page of this site (type it in the search box) and read up on it some. The foods they mentioned are pretty good and I have personally fed my dog some of them.

    Also, another thought – I don’t know what the weather is like where you live, but in GA, USA it is pretty hot. My terrier mix is double-coated with thick short to medium hair and he had a day-day and a half that he barely ate. I attribute it to heat. He is eating fine now, but your Chow may just be a bit hot to eat as much as he/she normally does.

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    abraham m

    hey good evening kaitlyn.

    i have a chow chow either and i think your fur buddy is a bit bored with his/her food. just a few tips.

    1. aside from the dry food that you are giving why not try to have a boiled chicken liver with it at the same time the broth of it and make it atleast thrice a week. It will serve as a treat.

    2. try also boiled chicken liver with the same procedure.

    3. try to mix some steamed rice on his dry food .

    these are just some tips that i am doing and my chow buddy realy loves it.

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