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    Cindy S

    I am looking for a quality dog food with the lowest amount of carbs. I have read that high levels of carbs cause the yeast. Right now we are spending $100 a month on a one time treatment of ear drops from the Vet. Please help!

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    elaine c

    Change to Answers Pet Food and you will never look back!! Check it out on Dog Food Advisor!! And when you have him on it let us know !! This is REAL food that will make your dog THRIVE. I have two pits.. they were rescues with all kinds of problems and you will say to yourself, why isn’t all food like this!

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    Hi Cindy,
    I have a brittany, too! Her name is Ginger, she will be 7 in july. One of my other dogs used to get a lot of yeast ear infections. For him, switching to a raw diet with no produce worked. If you’re looking at kibble, look for foods with no potato. I’d say no white and no sweet but they aren’t easy to find. I have a list of grain & potato free here on te DFA forums, in the Dog Food Ingredients forum. It’s on top, highlighted in yellow. Might be a good place to start.


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    Zignature Zssentials is proven for allergy prone and yeasty dogs. Reviewers can’t lie. Ear flushes and drops had made my pups’ ears worse and I’ll never put them through that again. I feed Zignature, avoid all grains and potatoes eggs etc, I gently wipe out their ears with a dry soft Kleenex every other day. Clean as a whistle.

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