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    Meaghan D

    I have ways fed my pup really high quality dog foods, and at one point I looked into feeding my dog a plant based diet as I am vegan and a lot of articles pointed to V Dog. It had good reviews. So I used it for a few months and noticed that my dog started peeing inappropriarely, so when I went to get her shots I got the vet to check her urine and she said there was a lot of crystals in her urine but not white or red blood cells indicating infection. She said usually the cause for these crystals is infection or diet so she put my dog on anti biotics and some paint pills and said to come back and get her urine tested in a month. So i went home and decided to do some research in the meantime and I found all these articles saying how feeding a starchy and grainy and species inappropriate diet (bc it lacks meat) is one of the main causes of bladder crystals in female dogs. I feel so bad, I did research beforehand that said a plant based diet was okay for dogs and now I feel horrible like I poisoned her. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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    I’ve had no experience because I know dogs need meat but I’m curious what research you found supporting a plant based diet for dogs. I imagine it’s a website that is pro plant based.

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    Jackie B

    Here’s Dr. Sagman’s note on the review for that particular brand:
    “Although we recognize the need for some dog owners to feed a meat-free diet, we also respect a dog’s natural carnivorous bias. /canine-nutrition/dogs-carnivores-omnivores/ ”
    Bladder crystals are very common, so don’t feel bad. You’ll be able to treat them with your vet’s help.

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