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    Mia F

    We’re trying to balance a bunch of different concerns with my 14/15 year old shih tzu/jack russell’s food. We’re worried about her teeth and for this reason one vet recommended we stick with kibble. But we’re also concerned about the possibility that she could developed kidney issues, for this reason we want to make sure her food isn’t dehydrating her. (I’ve heard some troubling stuff about kibble, but I’m not an expert at all.) After the recent FDA report we switched from Earthborn to Hollistic Select’s chicken and rice kibble. That’s what she’s eating as of now.

    I’m wondering if we should consider rotating foods. If so, should we do wet or dry? Are there ways to supplement kibble to fix any dehydration issues?

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    Fromm has several grain inclusive formulas.

    Kibble does nothing to clean teeth. If the dog needs a professional dental cleaning I would get it done then just brush the teeth once a day, ask the vet tech to demonstrate if you don’t know how. Or check youtube.

    You can presoak dry food in water in the fridg for a few hours, or just add a generous amount of water to the kibble prior to serving the dog will lap up the water to get to the food.
    Don’t free feed (leave food down all day)
    Or you could mix the kibble with a little canned food and add water.
    Serve 2 or 3 small meals per day.
    I would not rotate foods, that may cause GI upset in a senior dog.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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