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    I’m in the process of transitioning are 1 yr old from Science Diet to Merrick Grain Free. The first week didn’t go so well as she had more than normal amount of diarrhea when I got to using half of each food. I then decided to try Merrick Classic since it had less protein % and recently started the transition over but have noticed instead of eating her food right away like she normally does she is picking at it and running around the house with it. I’m using mainly Science Diet now which is what she has been on and and did notice I got a smaller kibble than normal. I’ve been putting a scoop of pumpkin in the food as well and now she waits for me to put it in till she eats. Is this eating behavior normal as long as she finishes the food or should I be concerned?

    Also, does anyone have any probitoic suggestions? I was thinking about trying the Petco brand

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    She might just need a longer transition as it looks like in the first week, you got to a 50/50 mix. I usually don’t increase the amount of new food until poops are nearly normal. So I would stay at a 80/20 mix until she has a somewhat normal stool and nothing loose. I’m pretty sure one of mine took about 2-3 months to fully transition over to Instinct, another high protein brand a few years a go. He was on 20/80 for a month. As far as waiting for the pumpkin, it sounds like she is wanting to be spoiled, and for you to give in. I wouldn’t call that concerning unless you think she will start getting picky and not eat only dry food. As far as probiotics go, check to see if has multiple strains of organisms. And then some dogs just don’t do well on some of the “better” brands. I had to give up on Merrick for my fosters. I would either start over on the transitioning or try another brand. I’ve had good luck with Nutrisource GF lamb, Canidae Pure Elements and Core Wild Game and Nutrisca.

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