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    I was researching several dog foods in the “5 star” category, and I came across Primal Freeze-Dried Formula. I really love the ingredients and I thought I would switch my dogs over from Wellness Core. I am a bit confused however when I then read,”Primal Freeze Dried Duck [A]” and “Primal Freeze Dried Lamb (2.5 stars) [A]” for example. Now I know the [A] stands for “All stages of Life”. My question is, why does the dried lamb have 2.5 stars next to it in parentheses? Thanks in advance if you know the answer, and I hope this is neither a stupid question or a repeated one.

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    Just guessing….is the lamb higher in fat?

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    Yeah, I’ve noticed that lamb formulas of all types of food are often rated lower. I agree with Marie. I think most tend to be a little lower in protein and higher in fat than the other recipes. Most likely due to cost. Just a guess also.

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