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    Joanne S

    I’ve been feeding my dog Merrick canned food for years and she loves it. I just found out that they have been bought by Purina. That’s a company that I can’t trust. Any feedback?
    Also does anyone buy Red Barn dog food?

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    Luckily, I’ve found several brands of canned food that my dogs like as I’ve been a Merrick customer for years as well – Wellness Stews, Weruva Human Style, Tiki Dog, Nature’s Logic and Hound & Gatos.

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    Judy S

    Yes I would be scared, I fed it to my dogs awhile ago, but now no way, Merrick was very wrong for selling their company

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    Jenn H

    Now that Merrick sold out RUN!
    It’s just a matter of time before they have a recall. I wouldn’t trust that the ingredients in the food is going to be of the same quality.

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    Anne B

    Merrick has already had several voluntary recalls BEFORE Purina even bought them out….. I know many folks are concerned about Merrick now being under the Purina umbrella…..However, I called Merrick about the sellout to Purina, and the representative said that the sellout came with a contract specifically stating that Merrick would be allowed to conduct business as usual regarding their food (made in their Texas facility, locally-sourced quality ingredients, and NOTHING from China)….I looked up an article regarding the sellout, and it is indeed stated that Merrick will still be allowed to do things their way……If anyone is feeding Merrick food now, and your dogs/cats are still doing well on it, why change?…..If you’re worried about it, continue to check Merrick’s website and the labels on your food, or call the company….That way, if there are any changes for the worse, you’ll know….And if you don’t agree with the changes, THEN switch brands……My opinion is, give Merrick the benefit of the doubt, unless you find out otherwise from the labels or the website.

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