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    William W

    Pro Pac. It is very popular with the ranchers in Eastern Oregon. In the latter part of 2009, I discovered my Border Collie/McNab had wheat allergies. The vet put her on Science Diet, and the allergies cleared up as my wallet cleared out. The local farm and feed carried nothing but Pro Pac. I cut the ingredients label off of the Science Diet, and found a near perfect match with one of the Pro Pac brands. My dog didn’t like it. So I found another Pro Pac brand she would eat. For 5 years she has had no allergy issues. Her coat was glossy, and her eyes were bright. We moved recently. There are no Pro Pac retailers nearby. But there is a PetCo just down the street. So I bought a small bag of Whole Earth Farms Grain Free. She tolerated it. When I went to buy another bag, I made the mistake of buying Nature’s Recipe Grain Free. The bags looked the same, and I couldn’t remember the name while looking at 500 different brands of dog food. Now her coat is dull. At least the parts she hasn’t chewed and licked down to bare skin. I returned the Nature’s Recipe for a refund, and bought a bag of Whole Earth Farms. Anyway, Pro Pac is reformulating their Superpremium line and calling it Ultimates. It is still close to $1.00 a pound. If she does not improve dramatically by the end of this bag, I will be making the long drive to find a Pro Pac retailer. I just hope their new stuff is as good as the old. I still remember New Coke…

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    William, sells Pro Pac.

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    William W

    Yes they do. But they no longer carry the Large Breed Adult of the Superpremium variety. There is a new formulation of the Large Breed Adult of the Ultimates variety. I’m hoping a brick and mortar establishment might have some in stock. I’m mostly lamenting the fact that Pro Pac has decided to reformulate their Superpremium Large Breed Adult variety. And I feel bad that my fur baby has to suffer while I try new brands on her.

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    rio s

    What about Blackwood? Has anyone tried this before?

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    I don’t have a new food for the budget friendly list, just a new format. I’ve suggested before and I’m going to give it one more shot. LOL! It would be nice if the list would contain two different columns. One with the wet food and one with dry. It would make it easier when printing and taking to store with you. Thank you!

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    Amy H

    Triumph now has 2 grain free formula’s at my local feed store, at ~ $40 for a 28 lb bag, the ingredients look awfully good for the price, have you reviewed it?

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    Karen P

    Hi folks…I just joined this list. I was disappointed not to see my dog food on the list. Aftee beong involved with a recall 2 years ago. ..I researched dog food brands. The one thing was looking for was a dog food that wad made on one place, not in multiple plants (better quality control). My research brougjt me to Nutri-Source. I feed grain free lamb. The company is family owned, 1 food plant which I feel keeps the quality and lessens the chances of a contamination. I would lpve to see it reviewed here on this site.

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    Here’s the reviews
    It’s one of my favorite foods to suggest, because it’s easy to switch to and easy on the budget.

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    Hi Karen,

    Like BC, I like to recommend NutriSource as well. It’s a quality product from a reliable manufacturer. If it works for your dog, don’t worry that it’s not on the list!

    I believe I understood HDM say a while back that KLN declined to participate in the process that could result in their inclusion on any of the Editor’s Choice lists.

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    anne a

    How about Nutrisca salmon & chick pea ,reasonable price?

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    Elizabeth G

    I am not sure if Big Dog Natural is budget friendly but their chicke surpreme dehydrated 1 pound makes 4 pounds @ 2.00 a pound

    $1.65 if you purchase 5 pounds and it makes 20 pounds 1.65 per pound
    they have many varieties let me know what you think. They sell direct to public

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    AL S

    Can you advise where you would place “Ole Roys” Large Breed Dog Food which is what we were told to feed our Great Dane which is now 6 months old and doing great and growing like a weed. Thanks, AL

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    I don’t think there is anything Ole Roy that I wouldn’t place in the garbage can. Their ingredient list is gross.

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    Judy N

    What about Royal Canin Boxer breed dog food?

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    Z B

    DaLeash grainfree canned dog food. 98 cents per can and it’s 5 star. Occasionally offered is a store coupon for 75 cents per can.

    It’s a store brand available at HEB groceries in Texas.

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    Mary J

    I would like your thoughts on Evo. I like the fact it has protien.

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    Shane M

    I’ve been feeding Pedigree Adult Complete since the Diamond recalls a couple of years ago, however, I’m not really satisfied with the list/quality of the ingredients. I reviewed the list of “budget” friendly kibbles and find that many of them are still pricey for a person on a fixed income and four giant breed hounds. Does anyone have experience with a brand that is both cost effective (the Pedigree 50lb. bags are $24 at my local farm store) and doesn’t have grains a its major ingredient? BTW: I live in a rural area and do not have access to most big-box or discount stores. Thanks!

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    Hi Shane-
    Do you have Sportmix, Victor, Fromm’s Family Classics, or Eagle Pack in your area? These brands are probably a little bit more than the Pedigree, but not much.

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    I honestly don’t know of anything good in that price range. Dr Tim’s has a couple formulas in 40 and 44 pound bags but the cost is more than what you pay. Since you live rural, order online, like alot of us here do. is the best place to order a new food: their return policy is great (don’t worry, you don;t have to actually return it, they refund you). Once you find a food you like, look at other online places: PetFlow, and SportDogFood are other places. SDF is great, they carry Victor & Dr Tim’s but the shipping isn’t free to all states like it is with the other places.

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    Shane, another option is 4Health both grain-free and grain-inclusive by Tractor supply. Some formulas are about $1/lb, which is about as good as it gets with decent foods. Diamond Naturals (grain-free and grain-inclusive, both formulas are better than Pedigree) gets pretty close to your budget at 40lbs for $30, although many here do not favor Diamond due to its recall handling history, but ingredient-wise, it is better than Pedigree. You can still order them online from and have them delivered.

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    anne a

    Shane, I agree w/ the previous 2 posts -I also work w/a rescue in Ct., I believe Diamond Naturals is $31.25 per 40bag & have cases of 24 cans of wet from ,it is still much better than Pedigree. Also will give you 1 free bag of the same size for every 12 bags that you buy – you must call to get this program. There is also $49 minimum to get free shipping to your door.That being said,there may be non-profit pet rescues in your area that will help people to keep their pets at home w/food,vet care assistance,etc. I am sure things will work out w/ a little research.

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    gary w

    how about diamond naturals chicken and rice or lamb and rice

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    Marlyne P

    Kirkland Signature Dry Food

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    Thomas K

    What about Whole Earth Farms for a Large Breed Puppy?

    Is it adequate for a large breed Lab and why?


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    anne a

    Whole Earth Farms is made by Merrick ,a very reputable company – it is highly rated as well. You can research that brand on this site.

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    Alan D

    Both Kirkland brands listed in the ‘budget friendly’ section are no longer manufactured and sold at Costco stores. Please update to Kirkland’s (Costco) new brand ‘Natures Domain’ grain free in canned and dry. Also, please review ‘Beaverdam’ High Protein/Puppy Formula. Thanks!

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    Hi Alan-
    The original Kirkland pate canned food that comes in both chicken and lamb is still available in the NW region. But, you are right, the Cuts in Gravy is no longer available. I still have a case of it left, however. I believe all of the Nature’s Domain foods both wet and dry are reviewed on the review side of this site. I’m not sure why the KS Nature’s Domain Stew is not on the budget friendly list. Use the following form if you wish to request a review:


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    brad o

    my vet says I should put my 6 mo old lab on science diet I notice you don,t have a report on that brand is there a reason for this? Brad

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    Sharon N

    I was wondering if you have checked into the quality of Cahoots store brand dog and puppy foods. I am curious to find out how they compare. The salesperson says there products are made in the Victor plants

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    Sue H

    I have found a “budget friendly” dog food for my 3 dogs that has worked out very well. I don’t have problems with diarrhea or fussy eating and the label makes me feel pretty sure that it is a good choice. Walmart puts out “Pure Balance” dry dog food in several different recipes. To the very best of my knowledge, there have been no complaints or recalls.
    Please let me know if I have been in error in recommending this label to people in my neighborhood and to my friends.

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    Pamela R

    Diamond Naturals? It was recommended by our breeder for our large breed (Berner) puppy. It’s very reasonably priced

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    anne a

    Whole Earth Farms by Merrick is a superior product & good company ,I would not use Diamond products too many recalls

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    Megan W

    why is it not on the budget friendly list though? If it is a five star dog food I started a new thread for discussion

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    Merrick Whole Earth Farms (both dry and canned) has been on our Editor’s Choice Budget Friendly list since March 2014. You are probably looking at our “Other Budget Friendly Dog Foods List” found just below the Editor’s Choice section.

    Hope this helps.

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    Ruth S

    What about Pioneer Naturals Grain-free?

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    Jon K

    I’m new here. Have a 2 yr old Boston who eats Vital Essentials Frozen Raw Beef. She seems to do very well on it.
    I joined this group because we just got a new Boston puppy and I wasn’t sure that the same food was ideal for a puppy.
    So because of the editors list, he’s now eating Stella’s Super Beef and seems to be doing great.
    My 2 year old tried the Stella’s before and I’m not sure why but we ended up with her eating Vital Essentials.
    So thanks for this list because I was very confused and conflicted as to what to feed the puppy and this gave me the info I needed.
    I was surprised not to see Vital Essentials Frozen Raw on the list for adult dogs though. I’m curious as to why it is not. Any info would be appreciated.

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    John M
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    Joe S

    Has Good Friends Naturals from Rural King been evaluated yet?

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    Lori F

    I’m surprised Kirkland lamb & rice is not on the list, the ingredients look good and the price is right.

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    Sue V

    Any reason why Taste of the Wild isn’t listed? Would love to see reviews of both their dry and wet.

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    Go to the review side & read the review of TOTW

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    I don’t think ToTW is on the budget friendly side. Fairly high price tag where I work and we don’t mark-up much on the dog food.

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    Joan S

    What do you think of Exclusive Dog Food?

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    Joe S

    Anyone feeding Rural Kings Good Friends naturals dry kibble

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    I’m not feeling too optimistic about the Rural King food, Joe. I see what’s probably their top of the link kibble sells for $15.99 for a 40 pound bag. Anything that cheap is suspect to me. Rural King doesn’t list the ingredients of their website.

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    Hi DogFoodie and Joe,

    I looked it up and saw no ingredients and the ridiculously low price on some of the Rural King Good Friends food, but there is a list on the Good Friends Naturals. It appears to be made by Cargill Animal Nutrition, but there’s no info on that site except for Loyall, so maybe it’s a house brand for Rural King? Anyway here’s the link that has the G/A and ingredient list. The ingredients don’t look too bad. It wouldn’t be in my rotation, but I’m guessing it might be a 2-3 star food?

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    Marianne P

    I wondered if anyone has thoughts on SpecialBlend dog food, one is chicken & rice. It sells for 69 cents a can at Save-A-Lot stores. My dog has special gastrointentional problem and has been on hill’W/D and looked at the ingredients in this and bought a can. I have not tried it yet.

    starts with chicken, poultry by products, rice, then guar gum (?),sodium tripolyphosphate (?), salt , potassium chloride(?)vitamins E,A, B12, D3 supplements, thiamine monotrate(?),
    BIOTIN, RIboflavin supplement, ferrous sulfate, zinc oxide,, copper protenate, manganous sulfate, potassium iodide, sodium selenite, choline, chloride, natural flavor.

    is this bad or good sounding?

    Marianne (and SAmantha the dog)

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    I nominate that Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain Turkey & Pea Stew canned dog food be put back on the list!

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    martha F

    What is the price per pound that is considered budget friendly? I checked out the top pick and found it to be quite expensive. $65 for a 44 lb bag of dry kibble is not in my budget. So, why isn’t the price of the bag, or the price per pound included in the list….if it is in fact a budget friendly list?

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