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    I have an approximately 14 year old 40 lb former street dog black lab mix who in his prime would inhale anything put in front of him including the kitchen sink. He’s been getting the Chicken Soup brand for many years and loving it, but the elderly dog he’s now been replaced with doesn’t eat with as much panache as his younger version and will regularly leave a large portion of his food untouched, which is problematic because he will aggressively defend anything left in the bowl. I’m hesitant to give him less food because he is at a healthy weight but could quickly move into the “too skinny” category so if he is hungry I want to make sure he is getting adequate nutrition. My first attempt is going to be to switch the food up to see if something new may pique his interest. Any suggestions for a good quality adult or senior dog food that won’t break the bank would be appreciated.

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    Try mixing in some canned food to make it more interesting. As far as the “aggressively defend anything left in the bowl”, don’t leave his food bowl down. If he doesn’t eat, pick it up and try again later. I was going to suggest feeding him wet food since he is real old but that might no be in your budget. There are some quality wet foods for $1 or less – Costco Kirkland Cuts in Gravy, Pure Balance at Walmart.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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