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    Donna S

    My dog has had a problem with her stomach. She was prescribed Science diet i/d prescription food. Is that good food.

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    a c

    My dog was on Science Diet ID wet food last year for about two weeks when she had the panacreatitis.

    I won’t said it’s good food because of the ingredients, but it’s a good to-go food when their stomach is not feeling good. It’s very low fat. It contains something that works well to smooth the stomach. It smells delicious!

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    Sue S

    My dog (Lab/Golden mix) has been on Science Diet Large Breed and Adult Science Diet and I’m never going to use it again. Nothing but problems! Poop is always soft. Vet has her on Royal Canin Hydrolyzed Protein right now and plus paste to try and help. I’m also looking for a second opinion too! Very frustrated to say the least. I have never had a dog with this much soft stools.

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    James P

    We have used Science Diet ID food for many years. but only whenever one of our dogs has severe gastrointestinal issues and we need to get her on the road to recovery. It is relatively gentle in those situations.
    That being said I wouldn’t feed any of the Science Diet foods long term. I believe all of the Science Diet brand is high in grains, grain is not good.
    Originally the only canned ID was turkey based and grey colored, it was ultra low fat. Now they have a couple of other flavors that are not quite as low fat but still under the ID line. Chicken and vegetable stew and something else I can’t remember.

    There are better options out there for your specific condition. Tell this forum more about what exact stomach issue your dog was diagnosed with, and the folks here can help you out with what they use for the same problem.

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