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    John D

    I have two dogs. One is a small Yorkie and the other is a 27 lbs Boston. I was wondering if either Salmon Oil or Coconut Oil has caused any tummy problems with their pets. I WAS giving the Boston two squirts of Grizzly Salmon Oil in the morning. (His normal diet is Natural Balance Salmon and Sweet Potato) and I give a small amount (less than a teaspoon of coconut oil (organic) in the afternoon. I have had times where he has a sensitive stomach and the poor dog is sick to his stomach for days with excessive vet bills. (Not all the times, but occasionally.) His only treats are baby carrots which he loves. Am I over doing it on the oils? I have tried many types of foods and the only one his stomach can tolerate is the Natural Balance. The Yorkie has no issues and loves his diet with no repercussions. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I respect some of the comments on here.

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    Katy G

    Since his normal diet is already Salmon, it could just be too much fish oil. Try just using the coconut oil for awhile and see if that helps.

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    Hi John, my boy has Pancreatitis, I belong to a group on yahoo for Pancreatits dogs & we were told to stay away from Coconut oil as its a saturated fat, its a hard fat & no good for dogs with Pancreatitis..Do you have to give him all the oils..I would stop the coconut oil in the afternoon & see how he goes, Its so greazy, I bought a jar the other month, I opened it, tasted it, it was too greezy & I never gave it to Patch, I might put it on the outside of his skin if he gets itchy..but he’s doing good at the moment why rock the boat…..

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    John D

    I have been told he (My pup) might have Pancreatitis as well. (Not definitive, but a suggestion from my Vet) Petey has been doing great for about two years, but I was going crazy the first two years of his life trying to find the right food, and combination of treats that he could tolerate. Being a Boston he should be known as a vacuum cleaner because he will try to eat everything. I would love to join your group on Yahoo. My email is [email protected]
    I was thinking the coconut oil was a tad bit too much for him since it was just introduced to him a week ago. He loves the Grizzly Salmon Oil that is making his coat remarkably good. Thanks again for the suggestions from both you and Katy. Cheers

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