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    Joe S

    Anyone out there feed this dry kibble? We just had a store open near us and seen this GF food!

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    I cannot find an ingredients list for it. I have to laugh….one I saw said “high protein”…27% isn’t high protein IMO.

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    Patrick M

    We have been feeding our dogs good friends from pups to adults. Never have any issues with allergies, they have high energy, good bowel movements and digestion and shiny coats. Our vet was even amazed at how healthy our pets were and she never heard of it before we told her. My brother in law has a dog he was allergic to almost all dog foods except high end expensive ones and he tries our Good Friends and has also been using it ever since.

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    Heather L

    I have all my dogs on this, which is 12 Siberian huskies which are known for being picky. They love it, meat is first ingredient which is awesome for the price. They also just came out with a new line of gluten free, I won’t be feeding that because my dogs don’t need it though. Anyway the good friends naturals doesn’t have the corn, soy in it which is nice. They love the taste, wonderful coats, keeps weight on, and energy out the …. I feed the lamb and rice kind for adults and the chicken to the younger ones since lamb is rich. Highly recommended anyone try this, never try the regular good friends though that crap is like $10 for 50 lbs or something crazy. My dads ducks wouldn’t even eat that and they eat everything. Fish won’t touch it either.

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    Diane D

    My rescued Poodle/? Mix came to me with sore yeasty ears & she was licking her itchy feet all the time. She also had the poodle pink eye gunk that ran down her face under her eye. It took me a while to find this, but after I changed her over (and kept on treating her allergies topically) it went away. I use the salmon/sweet potato formula. We also switched the GSD over to it. He had no issues, but he just gleams with a healthy looking coat & eyes now. I hope this stuff stays as good as it is. So many times Ive found something great & the supplier changes or something gets bought out.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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