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    I was following the “Joint Health” thread, and some people started talking about Actiflex.

    Right now, I’m paying about $20/month for our senior lab’s joint supplements (I don’t remember what the brand name is, I think it’s just a store-brand…), and we could easily spend more and give her extra, as her hips need the help. She also has GSD in her, so that sure didn’t seem to help her joints!

    Anyway, I found online that Actiflex is 30-40$ for 32oz…(did the calculations, figured it would last our lab 6-8mo) I REALLY want to try it out, as 5$ monthly is a lot nicer sounding than $20+ monthly. But I don’t want to try it and find out it doesn’t work, then be stuck with it.

    How well does it seem to work for you guys?

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    I wonder if it would be possible to use on cats too? Maddy is super picky, and usually won’t eat the treats…but she might accept a few drops if it was mixed in w her canned food?

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    Shasta, where are you located? I have half of a 32oz bottle left from when I tried it.

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    I’m in Oregon…

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    LOL. I don’t think we could be much farther apart. I’m in Florida.

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    Haha that’s okay 😉 how old is your GD now? Sure is a handsome one!

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    Thank you! He will be 8 in May.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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