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    Dean W

    My don has small bumps on his back he is 18 mo. old and seems healthy otherwise…. Friends tell me they are “Heat” bumps??? I am just wondering if they might be related to the food??? I feed him a good quality grain free dry kibble,,so ????
    My friends feed Hill,s Science diet and have the same problem.??????

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    Heaven L

    I have had this problem in the past with my pittie.

    She was eating Blue buffalo Salmon and then Duck. Occasionally she would get them and we realized that there was chicken in her food (We were avoiding it because we saw in many cases chicken and pitties do not get along) We then realized that when we would give her a mostly chicken based treat on top of the food with chicken she would break out.

    We switched to all things minus chicken and she is doing very well, no breakouts since.

    Your pup may have a different problem but I thought I’d offer our experience ;]

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    My pitbull has the same problem. My vet is certain is it related to environmental allergies. best thing you can do is talk with a canine dermatologist. my boy has also benefited from salmon oil with his food.

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    James S

    Hey There! Yeah, my 11 year old female Pit, Nefertiti, has had, “The Bumps”, off & on all of her Life. After many failed remedy attempts & vet visits, I heard that it might possibly be some sort of a yeast infection, which kinda makes sense-She licks herself, then her paws, then scratches herself-Boom! Yeast infection. So, it could be something like that. Although, I’m not sure how males would get it?
    Whatever the source, what I’ve found to work best, is . .
    STEP 1-I give her a bath using a Human Dandruff Shampoo like Neutrogena. The brown T-Gel works as well, but smells horrible, & seems a bit harsh, while I haven’t ever tried Head & Shouders, because the article that my ex read that suggested this remedy, said that there is a certain ingredient to look for (Wish I could tell you which one), & Head & Shouders either lacked it entirely, or didn’t have as much as the others.
    Anywaze…I know they get cold quick, but I’ve found the longer you leave the Dandruff Shampoo on them, the better the results. (Like 3-5 minutes tops should do the trick. I find singing to Nef helps with her desperation)
    STEP 2-I rinse her off, which warms her up, & then it’s time for the Hot Spot Shampoo. Just a normal lather, maybe wait a minute before rinsing, then. . .
    STEP 3-A nice, normal Dog Shampooing. Nef & I have been digging Burt’s Bees Products lately, but any Oatmeal/Lavender/Chamomile style one should work just fine. Now, I’m NOT an animal dermatologist, but I would definitely keep in mind that some of the Shampoo’s Ingredients might have an effect on Your Pup’s Coat as well. I feel keeping it as close to Organic is always best. This way there’s no need to panic…Because it’s Organic. I digest….
    STEP 4-After all that, I’ll dry her off, (while she shakes off on me) then apply Hot Spot Medication (I think it’s just the Hartz one-Not Sure-Just a small bottle-The liquid is yellow in color, & can be found in purrty much any box store, or ordered online) liberally by using a Q-Tip, or by sort of pouring it onto The Bumps &/or Hotspots (depending on the severity of the outbreak) as she tends to get both at the same time.
    Well, I Hope This Helps! Again-I’m not a dermatologist, but I’ve been using this method for six years now, & it works better than anything else that I’ve found in the previous five years of failed attempts at relieving my Big Lil’ Girl! when she gets The Bumps.
    P.S.-I’ve found that mixing a little olive oil, or coconut oil in with Nef’s Food (about a Tablespoon per bowl tops) helps keep her coat Nice & Shiny. Good Luck!!!!!!

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