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    I know there are a couple questions already about Red Barn products, but I am looking for more answers. I have been giving my dachshund their products on occasion. Yesterday, I just bought about 4 of their products, because his birthday is Friday. I wanted to surpise him, since he LOVES chewing on bones and things like that. Well the place I bought them from had a sign saying “Made in USA” but he told me that they had chicken treats from China. Kind of gave me a red flag. So I call them, they discontinued those chicken treats (they weren’t associated with the recent recall). They do however have treats made in USA, Paraguay, and Canada. A big question I forgot to ask is if they have any ingredients sourced from China or another country. I also decided to throw away the product from Paraguay although my dog has had it once in the past :/.

    Does anyone else give their dogs these products? Is there anything good or bad anyone has to say about them? (I currently have peanut butter barn bagel, barky bark, knuckle bones, pig ear, and have given him femur bones etc in the past.) It really stinks that it’s so scary to even treat your dog anymore. Also if anyone has any suggestions for anything else I could buy him to chew on..please let me know. I also bought some bone like treats made out of bull hide or something? I know rawhide is not the best, but this guy told me if it’s made from bulls it’s better..I don’t know if he’s pulling my leg?)

    I also have antlers, kong at my house for him to chew on. I’ve tried nylabones, but not impressed. He LOVES to chew though and loves new things to chew on especially and I feel like I can’t take that joy away from him. That’s why I decided to buy the Red Barn products. If it was a bad decision though, I will not give them to him.

    Thanks for your help.

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    I can only tell you that I am as careful with my dogs treats as I am with their food.

    For the most part, they only get The Honest Kitchen treats & chews.

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    Red Barn products are not my favorite. I don’t think they are bad necessarily, but I do believe there are better products. As far as natural chews go, I really like Barkworthies and Merrick. Barkworthies makes good bully sticks, duck feet, chicken feet, tripe chews, etc. Merrick has some cow ears, bully tails, etc. You just have to feed what you feel comfortable with.

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    Jack G

    I don’t know if Chew a Bull chews are good or not, all I know is that my Cockapoo loves these things. I would sure like to read a review about this product.

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