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    Terry G

    I have a 13 year old Husky that’s a picky eater. I always try to choose a grain free high quality food for her but she gets tired of same food and I rotate often. Does anyone else have experience with a food a Husky or other picky eater has loved and is grain free?

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    Robin B

    I rotate my picky eater with Fromm Four-Star grain free. He loves them all. In fact he tests it all and then licks the bowl. This is a dry kibble, mind you, and he licks the bowl. Ftomm is family owned and in over 100 years and five generations, never a recall. You won’t be disappointed!

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    Nancy C

    A couple of thoughts: My 10 yr old Golden R will eat about anything but not in a gobbling it up sort of way. HOWEVER, I have just lately been adding TO the bowl some sample packs of The Honest Kitchen flavors (which they sent for free in a box) and I have mixed that tog with Fromm’s Four Star Salmon, Dr Tim’s Kinesis GF, and Acana Grasslands, and she has LICKED every food molecule out of THE BOWL every time! Each pack has about 100 calories, so I reduced the calories in the dry kibble to make room for the HK food. THK food is wet such that it will coat all the kibble in a nice way if you stir it. also, I have added Coconut Oil to the food, putting little dollops on top of the food. Both my dogs LOVE coconut oil and it is SO GOOD for them. (The substitute mailman just commented yesterday how beautiful the Golden’s coat is — that it is noticeably thicker and prettier. I told him I’ve been giving her coconut oil. He said it has made a difference.) Dr Becker recommends 1 tsp per day for every 10 to 20 pounds of weight. It’s like CANDY to them and I think makes contents in the bowl more interesting and tasty. I sometimes snip large fish oil capsules and drop the drops on the kibble. Also just bought some very high quality Norwegian Salmon Oil. The woman at the pet boutique said several pumps of this on top of kibble really upgrades the flavor.

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    Try topping it with some quality canned food, tripe or goat’s milk.

    All of which, the majority of dogs find irresistible.

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