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    Ashley A

    Hi there forum!

    I brought my dog to the vet since she was suffering with some pain. They ran her blood for her pain meds and had to send to a lab since there was a lot of fat in her blood / high cholesterol.

    I feed ground whole prey raw in the morning with organic canned pumpkin, hemp oil and pro/prebiotic.
    In the evening I feed RMB, usually chicken feet/necks/rabbit feet/whole prey etc, with hemp oil and organic canned pumpkin.

    She chews on bully sticks quite often but I factor her bones into her overall daily calories usually. Please let me know if you have any advice.

    To the person who comments and says your dog shouldn’t be on raw, please move along. Thanks!

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    Probably cut out bully sticks and try to find less fatty cuts of meat. That’s what I’d do. No beef. Keep to fish and chicken

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    Do you buy commercial or do you grind your own? Less fatty cuts of meat and skinless whole birds can be substituted several times a week.

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    What percentage of calories are currently being fed as fat? How many grams of fat are being fed a day?I think you have to know what your baseline is to know how to modify the diet.

    I would approach this by getting a baseline fasted lipid profile, decreasing the fat grams fed/ day by whatever percentage your vet recommends and then retesting a fasted lipid profile in the time frame your vet recommends.

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