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    Jennifer H

    Our dog is currently being watched and treated for inflammatory bowel syndrome. We have her on a probiotic and OTC omeprazole. She suggested we put Kaia on a hypoallergenic food. I asked about if there was a commercial hypoallergenic food, and she told me to try something that was limited ingredients, with duck or fish as the protein. I found Blue Buffalo Basics LID grain free duck and potato. What are your thoughts on this food? Do you have any suggestions on something that might be better? I know there are prescription foods that are hypoallergenic but those are somewhat hard to come by.

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    Blue Buffalo has had some quality control issues lately that they have not really responded to, so I don’t really trust them. Look at Canine Caviar and Nature’s Variety Instinct Limited Ingredient Diets.

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    Hi Jennifer, my boy has also been diagnosed with IBD, he was put on the Royal Canin Hypoallergenic first as he suffers from skin allergies aswell, he didnt do too well on the R/C HP cause the fat% was 19% & the kibbles didnt digest, he’d vomit up his kibble 7-8 hours later all undigested..I live Australia & our Vet diets have different ingredients to the American vet diets, I dont know why.. then we tried the Royal Canin Sensitivitity Control that just has Duck & tropica, I think he still felt sick on the R/C SC, so now he’s on Vet diet Eukanuba Intestinal low residue kibble, this kibble breaks down & digests easy, less work on their stomach & bowel …Ive tried commerical diets against my vets advice & we always have to go back to his vet diet Eukanuba Intestinal in the end but the best kibble that I tried was the “Wellness Simple” Lamb & Oatmeal & Duck & Oatmeal these kibbles weren’t hard to digest & broke down easy like his Euknauba Intestinal but the Wellness Simple has peas & he’d get bad wind & pain at night, so I had to stop feeding it..ur girl mite be OK with peas..
    I started an elimintion diet in March & found he cant eat Potatoes, he gets bad diarrhea & had rash all over chest, Sweet potatoes he had itchy ears, Peas gave him bad wind, boiled rice makes his poos very sloppy… vet said that boiled rice can irratate the bowel..but he can eat grounded rice thats in kibbles….

    Have you join the “IBDogs” group on yahoo, a few ladies are feeding the “Natural Balance” Kangaroo & Potatoes or the Rabbit & Potatoes limited ingredients but you have to look at all their LID ingredients as different flavours have more ingredients, like peas that can irratate the bowel…. the Kangaroo & Rabbit have the least ingredients which is needed with IBS or there’s the Sweet Potatoes & Bison or Sweet Potatoes & Fish ..or do home cook foods like I did with the elimination diet..that way you find out what foods she can eat, so when you looked for an kibble, you’ll know which kibbles will agree with her….here’s the Natural Balance link, just click on “Dog formulas” top left, then click on the limited ingredient link.. start with a kibble that just has 1 protein & 1 carb if u can find one..less is best..…
    I cant get the Natural Balance in Australia..

    May I ask does the Omeprazole (Losec) make ur dog do green/black poos, Patch was put on the Losec (omeprazole) 2 weeks ago & his poos were greenie/ black & softer, I have stopped his Losec 2 days ago & his poos are back to normal firm & brown..

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    Vianca V

    My moms 11year old Chihuahua has had a similar problem since she was young and a few months ago she began to stop eating and loose weight the only food she tolerates is the wellness turkey stew. It seems simple but its been the best thing for her, she no longer get bloody stool or acid reflux, she is also no longer in pain and loves the food.

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    Jennifer H. Please keep in mind when selecting a food for your dog with inflammatory bowel syndrome that you should try to avoid foods with white potatoes and tomatoes. Both these ingredients contribute to inflammation in the body. Also try to avoid anything with rice lecithin as it also contributes to inflammation.

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    Jennifer H

    Thanks, Dori. Our vet recommended something with potatoes, so now that concerns me a little. My dogs used to be on the Natural Balance LID duck and potato and didn’t seem to like it too much. I will definitely look into the natures variety instinct. The nc it, I didn’t know that about Blue Buffalo, so thanks for that info as well.
    I am beginning to wonder if in fact Kaia has IBD. She intakes food and water, and it comes right back up not 30 seconds later. The vet her an injection of dexamethozone, and it helped for a couple of days. Now were back to small amounts of spit up, not full fledged vomiting. I am calling the vet today. My thought is the valve leading to her stomach.
    Thanks everyone!

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    IBS and IBD are, as you know, not the same thing, even though they share many symptoms. For an IBS dog, the number one most important thing is to remove ingredients that the dog has an intolerance to. Second, is to calm the intestines. Adding some slippery elm or phytomucil may help towards that goal. My IBS dog has never had a recurrence, no matter what fat or protein level I feed him, except when I have inadvertently given him something he reacts to, so figuring out what they are reacting to is a big part of their management.

    If your dog is having diarrhea, the consistency of the stool will provide clues to what else you can do to help. If it is like pudding, then the large intestine is not absorbing all the fluid back into the system and adding fiber may help to slow things down and give the large intestine time to work. If the stool is watery, then it’s small intestine diarrhea, and a low residue diet, low fiber and easy to digest, may help.

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    Jennifer H

    Yes, I do know they are very different. Kaia has not had any issues with her bowel movements; they’ve been fine throughout this whole ordeal. We are going to put her on a canned I/d diet for a week to see how she does with that. We’re also going to give her some meds to coat her throat (I, along with the vet, feel that her esophagus is probably inflamed as well). So….we’ll see how that goes. My cousin, who is a vet, also told me that chicken and rice would be fine to give her, since it’s bland. But we’re not going to do this since we are getting prescription food from our local vet. My cousin also told me that potatoes should not have any affect on her. Thanks for all of the advice and knowledge; I really appreciate it!

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    Hi Jennifer, google Eosinophilic Esophagitis…

    the Hills Low fat GI restore wet tin food has the lowest fat at 8%….Natures Variety is too high in fat…fat causes more acid reflux in the stomach…
    Hope ur girl gets bettter after trying meds & new foods…& you dont need an Endoscope done thats what Im thinking of doing with Patch now as meds arent working like we thought they would…

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    If the IBS is due to a food intolerance/hypersensitivity to chicken or rice, they wouldn’t help anyways. You may want to pay attention to the ingredient list on the vet food.

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    Kelsi P

    You may want to look into a raw diet- many folks with dogs diagnosed with IBD/IBS, chronic colitis, etc., have experienced great results with raw. Your vet may not like it, but many vets are catching on and will recommend it. Try a holistic vet.

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    jeanne g

    My puppy has had to have a great deal of medication for Giardia. She has developed IBS. She is taking predisone and pepsid to calm her digestive system but, she is a bit lethargic from everything. I am switching her to Natural Balance Puppy food. Has anyone tried this and has any suggestions?

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    Hi Jeanne,

    Natural Balance LID formula’s are suppose to be really good for dogs with stomach & bowel problems, just make sure you read all the formula’s ingredients as all the Natural Balance LID formula’s vary some…
    The NB Potato & Duck LID Puppy formula has the least ingredient & has NO Legumes..
    If you have any question just contact Natural Balance & they will answer all your questions…

    If your dog doesn’t do well on a new kibble make sure you buy from a Pet Shop or an online store that does refunds, then just take it back & get another dry LID formula or get a refund…..

    Other dry foods for dogs with Stomach/Bowel problems, IBS IBD

    * “Canidae” All Life Stages formula’s

    * “4health Special Care” Sensitive Stomach Formula..

    Predisone could be making your dog unwell & lethargic, Prednisone made my boy sleep all day, feel sick, vomit & have diarrhea… if your dog isn’t running around like a pup should be ask vet can you reduce the dose….

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    I could be wrong, but I think some of the Natural Balance contain a lot of potato.
    I’m sure it is a good food, however I prefer Fromms.
    I believe they have puppy formulas!!-10!!

    Puppy? How old is your dog? Small breed? Large breed? These are things to consider.
    Also, I would put a call in to your vet to give you a call back when he has a minute.
    Depending on his assessment, he may recommend a prescription food while your dog is being treated for illness.
    I would not stop any prescribed medication without discussing with a veterinarian first. Unless symptoms/side effects are extreme, then of course call your vet or an emergency vet immediately.

    PS: I like this one

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    joanne l

    A friend of mine has a dog with IBS and he eats nature’s variety limited ingredient and he is doing great. He went to the vet so many times and he bought this food and he said it was like magic to the dog. He has a German shepherd.

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    @ Anon
    I could be wrong, but I think some of the Natural Balance contain a lot of potato.

    “Potato” & “Sweet Potatoes” are gentle on dogs stomach & bowel, Potato helps firm up dogs poo, you’d think you would have learnt this BY NOW as you read all my post…

    FROMM has TOO Many ingredients for a dog with Intestinal problems…
    you have just started your dogs on Fromm, 3 months ago you were telling everyone how Zignature was great, until the FDA release a statement warning pet food owners NOT to feed a dog a high Legume diet…But you still tell everyone how “Legumes Rock”
    Also Legumes upset stomach & bowel….

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    Erin D

    OK, just found this feed and I am very interested. I have a 1 year old french bulldog with IBS issues. I already know she can’t eat chicken, makes her vomit. She did well on fish until our other dog gave her giardia. He apparently had it when we picked him up from the breeder, story for another day. She has been giardia free since July, but digestively has not been the same since. Meat protein based foods seem to give her the runs. We switched from chicken to fish to duck and she had the same runny poop. Although, I was only using Taste of the Wild and Fromm, which may have had too many ingredients. I abandoned meat foods and switched to Halo Garden of Vegan. She was doing great on this for about 4 months. She wasn’t acting herself and took her to the vet. She has inflammed intestines and gas in the colon. Halo is the only veggie food based on legumes, so I’m thinking that is part of the issue. So – opinions please, would you recommend I do the one protein/one carb dog food, switch to a different veggie food w/out legumes since she did well on that concept, or maybe get her food sensitivity tested (about $300). I think I have already spent $300 on food she can’t eat, so what’s another $300:)

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    Hi Erin,

    Have you tried dry foods that have Potatoes or Sweet Potatoes??
    Potato is easy to digest & smooth on the stomach & bowel
    Look at
    “Wellness Simple” Turkey & Potato formula or the Salmon & Potato or their Simple Duck Meal & Oats or Lamb Meal & Oats formula’s??

    Blood, Salvia & Fur testing is a waste of money, they can give false Positives.
    Best is to do either a raw or cooked elimination food diet & add 1 new ingredient every 6 weeks & see how she goes..
    Patch did really well on the raw elimination diet, he didn’t do well on the cooked elimination diet but I think it was cause I used Oats for the carb, he doesnt do well on grains.. I didnt know about boil Potatoes & Boil Sweet Potatoes being really good for IBD, IBS & Pancreatitis back then…
    Boiled Sweet Potato pieces freeze very well after they’re thawed is just like the sweet potates are cooked, White Potatoes don’t freeze too well you have to boil them fresh as needed….

    Here’s Wellness Simple formula link
    I’m feeding the Wellness Simple Turkey & Potato formula at the moment to my IBD boy, I was feeding the “Wellness Core” Large Breed adult g/f but it wasn’t on special last week so I got a big bag of the Wellness Simple it was $40 cheaper & Patch loves it, so I’ll rotate between the 2 foods + I have a bag of “Canidae Pure Meadow” his poos are excellent on..

    Also have you looked at “Earthborn Holistic Venture” formula’s some formula’s have more fiber then other formula’s, so make sure you read the fiber %,
    Does she do better on a lower fiber % or higher fiber % diet??
    Buy food from a pet shop so you can take back if it doesn’t agree with her, just say she wont eat, Pet foods are a Guaranteed for Palability money back or exchange..

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