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    Has anyone heard of or have any feedback about Rawsome Pet Foods that’s based in Kansas? We have a 14 month Irish Wolfhound with various allergies and are considering incorporating raw foods as part of his daily diet.

    Rawsome was a recommended brand on a local speciality pet store’s website. Description sounds promising and they have a Facebook page, but when I googled it I didn’t find any additional information [other than a brand in UK with same name].

    “Rawsome Pet Foods is a Kansas-based manufacturer of 100% human-grade raw foods and treats for dogs and cats. Rawsome was founded with the goal of improving the health, happiness, and lifespan of pets through proper species-appropriate nutrition. Rawsome products are produced using only the highest quality human-grade ingredients. All of our meats are 100% human-grade, USDA-inspected, antibiotic-free, and contain no added hormones or steroids. Our meats are all free-range and raised in the Midwest using sustainable agriculture. We take pride in only using farms that help preserve our earth for future generations. Rawsome foods are biologically appropriate for your pet, meaning that they mimic your pet’s diet in the wild.”

    Any feedback or information about this brand is appreciated!


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    elaine c

    Grace, I feed ANSWERS PET FOOD and love it. It is raw. It is fermented and really miraculous. I am in the dog industry and all my doggie friend pro love it to.. look it up. answerspetfood.com it is all fermented. and I know it has helped so many dogs with gut problems.

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