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    I am definitely a raw food advocate. I did it with my cats and am now going to do it with my new puppy. That said though, I do want my puppy to work for her food for at least one meal a day – through puzzles/kongs/food toys etc and I really can’t imagine how to do that with raw food. With kibble, that would be easy and it would really make her work her noggin to get her meal. Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on how to make their dogs work for their raw food?

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    Try a freeze dried food like Vital Essentials. It’s raw with the water removed so it won’t gunk up and contaminate food toys. That’s what I use for training treats.

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    I have a similar issue, I am currently feeding a mix of kibble, which I put in her toy, and either THK or canned mixed with water. It is pretty much impossible to put either of those in her activity toys, because they are so soupy. I am fine just feeding them in a bowl when I am also feeding kibble which she works for, but I might at some point want to feed all canned or THK. Any suggestions?

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    Hi oepth,

    I agree with the Nut. I also use and really like Vital Essentials. A similar food that you might try is ZiwiPeak, which is air dried.

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    Someone one Dogster Magazine thought that slow-bowls, such as this one made by Kyjen:http://www.chewy.com/dog/dog-games-drop-slo-bowl-interactive/dp/56306 would work for raw or “soupy” food.

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    Kristin C

    I make my own raw food and store/freeze it in mason jars, the flatter ones (8oz) with regular mouths. This makes my dogs work for their food. And it works for their size so that’s a consideration.

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