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    does anyone know anything about raw diets?are they good?bad? can they be used in rotation or as a supplement with dry kibble?i have 2 dogs at the moment.an 3month old shitzu and a 1&1/2 year old poodle,peke,pom&american eskimo mix(lol,i know).they are both currently on a dry kibble rotation diet,2brands,3 varietys.iam considering the benefits of a possible raw diet but have some concerns as i know nothing about it.i did feed my 1&1/2 yr old raw goats milk from answers for 1st few weeks as he came 2 me young and wasnt ready 2 be weaned yet.but am a little leary of raw meats etc.if it is a good diet can it be used partially as in some raw ,,some dry kibble?or does it have to be one or the other only?thankyou in advance for any help/direction in this area

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    This video may help you:


    And some more articles:



    You can feed any kind of food any time. Kibble one meal, raw for one meal, dehydrated for another meal, canned food the next, etc. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.

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    Nancy M


    Loved the info in your post of 10/7…… Great info! Thanks for sharing!

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