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    I was using the Dog Food Calculator here, and it said my dog needs 1700 calories/day. If I transfer the unit to Kcal, it is 1.7 Kcal/day. A cup of normal food has 400 kcal. You may find the problem I am talking about. Should the unit “Calories(cal)” be “kilocalories(kcal)” in the Dog Food Calculator?
    Or I misunderstand?

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    When we talk about nutrition it is commonly accepted that “calories” is used interchangably with “kilocalories” Scientists use the term appropriately, all others, not so much. So if the dog food calculator says your dog needs 1700 calories then your dog needs 1700 kcal or 4 1/4 cups of that food.

    Same thing when talking about calorie burn during exercise, if you burn 300 “calories”, you have actually burned 300 kcal.

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    get it, thanks, Pattyvaughn~!

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