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    Robbie M

    Hello everyone and thank you ahead of time for taking the time to read through this. Again I know that nobody is a veterinary nutritionist but it seems to be a good pool of fairly knowledgeable people who love their dogs, but I have a question none the less. My dog is a rescue dog we believe (and Our vet also thinks so) to be a 9-10 year old boxer crossed with either sttafordshire or pit bull) we drove down from Vancouver, British Columbia to San Bernardino in Southern California once we saw he was going to be put down if he doesn’t get adopted in the next few days.😭😭😭☺️he is getting much much slower now and walks very slow, we know that he has bad hips and we were actually told that they are not even in a place where they should be but that it was held in place by muscle built around it. I’m getting concerned that I should be doing everything I can logically do to help him. He gets sore and I can tell. So with that in mind i was given a about 30 packets of Lickz it has fish oil and glucosamine. But I recently find out his food doesn’t have enough meat content. Since we Feed him veggies like carrots, brocolli, as treats veggies are not as important to be in his food. Also if you have any suggestions for treats and or supplements. Sorry for such a huge message but for those who took the time to read through this and give their feedback as my dog is very very important to me.

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    Maybe something over here might help

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    a c

    Why not just add some fresh meat to his food? Boil chicken is very easy to do.

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    Tray W

    I agree with the fresh meat suggestion as well. It’s healthy for our pups and you can easily add it to their veggies.

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