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    I have a 5 month old boxer, he originally was on science diet when we got him at 4 months, but we changed his dog food to 4Health. We then just recently got another boxer from the same breeder, 7 weeks old and she is on the science diet (the breeder prefers this brand). Anyway, we had to take her to the vet within 72 hours of receiving her from the breeder. The vet asked what she is eating we told him, but that we were going to switch her to the 4Health. He did not know anything about 4Health, but said Science Diet is a good dog food. Here on dogfoodadvisor it is rated 2.5 stars while 4Health is rated 4 stars. He really said he did not have a favorite dog food but that his recommendation was that the dog food needed to have these ratio 22 – 28% protein, 3 – 5% fat, and 12 – 18% fiber/carbohydrate. Well, I checked the science diet and it does not fall into these ratios and neither does the 4Health. What is your take on his ratios? I can’t seem to find any dog food that fits into these ratios.

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    The fat would be way to low for good health. A fat restricted diet for a dog with specific health problems would still have higher fat than that. Fat should be about half the level of the protein. And higher protein is better. BTW, if you add protein% + fat% + carb% it should equal very close to 100%. What do you think your vet thinks the other 49% should be? 28%+ 5%+18%=51% Frankly, this would tell me that he knows absolutely nothing about nutrition. And not only would I not listen to him about nutrition, I definitely wouldn’t even discuss it with him. It would be like asking advice from…I don’t even know…a baby, maybe. Just stupid. I’m sorry, but you need a new vet.

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    We recently ‘rescued’ a 6 month old maltese/shitzu cross. She is now 8 months and doing well. We feed her twice daily. Every morning she is fed a cup of Nature’s Variety Instant Raw Boost (grain free) dry food(Crude protein 40%; crude fat 20%; fibre 4%;). And in the evening she gets a cup of Wet food, namely Innova Puppy Food(12% protein; 8% crude fat; fibre 1% etc.,). In addition, to each of the aforesaid cup of food I add a tablespoon of chicken breast(Kirkland’s premium cooked chicken breast which comes in a can – specifically for humans – and is very good). It has a 22% protein content, plus a 2% fat content. I always rinse the dog’s portion off under the tap to dispose of any sodium,etc.,
    While our puppy thoroughly enjoys her meals I am wondering whether she is getting her full nutritional needs. She certainly gets her protein allowance, but is it too much. Further, while she is 8 months how much longer should we feed her puppy food. I should point out that she defecates and pees regularly. The poohs are invariably firm, while the pees are medium yellow toned.

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    I agree with Patty Vaughn that many vets cannot be relied upon to advise pet owners of the specific nutritional value of pet food. These vets invariably display for sale certain pet foods, respecting which they receive a substantial discount from suppliers. This compromises the objectivity of vets. These pet foods are not always of the best quality, and often do not meet the demands of our pets.
    Contrary to yesteryears, pet owners have access to the world wide internet, whereby they can research the quality of pet food. Furthermore, web sites such as this site affords valuable feed-back.

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