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    I am so confused and asking for your help.

    To keep it short, my 7-year-old neutered male Pug was hospitalized for 3 days with urinary obstruction caused from a UTI and struvite crystals. He was being treated (x10 days) for a UTI (positive UA, negative culture) by our regular vet when he became obstructed on a weekend and we had to go to the animal ER. He received aggressive irrigation of his bladder and no stones were obtained, but massive amounts of sediment and crystals were irrigated. X-ray and ultrasound do not show stones. Lab analysis only identifies struvite crystals. His UA showed bacteria and WBCs, culture was again negative. He received a 10-day course of Clavamox and is now on a 10-day course of Baytril.

    The vet is insistent on feeding him Royal Canin Urinary SO. I would like your thoughts on this.

    Thank you.

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    Jackie B

    Looking at the Royal Canin SO, it says the purpose is to increase urine flow.

    My dog had UTI’s, no crystals, and here is what I did: switched to all wet/moist food (4 or 5 star rated only, no white potato, I used to do all grain-free but he was gaining weight too easily) and bought him an electric circulating pet fountain (Cat Mate brand). He hasn’t had a UTI in almost 2 years, and none since I started that regimen. So try that if you want.

    Also, Solid Gold makes a supplement called Berry Balance that is supposed to help with that, you add it to the food. When I called the company, they said not to use it in conjunction with prescription food. I assume that if you add it to food, it would create the same effect as prescription food but you’d be able to avoid the junky ingredients that are typical in vet food.

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