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    So Riley has a pseudomonas ear infection which apparently can be multidrug resistant and hard to eradicate. Luckily so far it seems to be responding well to our first line of treatment, Baytril oral and Baytril/dex liquid ear stuff. So how did this happen? Vet explained this bacterium is commonly found on the skin and usually presents no problem. Usually when it causes a problem like this it’s due to an underlying allergy. What?? Actually, she did not specifically say food allergy, but when she said “allergy” i heard “food allergy”. So yes I’m jumping the gun a bit.

    The majority of his diet is Darwin’s chicken, turkey and duck. I rotate with 5 star canned foods, all grain free and give him 2-3 home prepared meals per week. Usually it’s beef, lamb and venison with the non-Darwin’s meals. Sometimes cooked, sometimes raw. I supplement with krill oil, coconut oil (human grade) and Spirugreen from Mercola.

    He’s 2 1/2 years old, otherwise perfectly healthy. He has not had any vaccines since the core ones and we do titers.

    What am I missing? I will admit to being obsessed with his health. Am I overreacting? BTW, his other ear is perfectly healthy.

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    Micah gets ear yuck from food intolerances, fortunately not pseudomonas, but it is always just one ear with him. I don’t know if it would progress to the other ear if I let it go, but so far it is always his white ear, never the red one. He also gets the goopy eye, always the one with white around it. I’m certain if I went to a TCVM they would say his lymph system is not flowing on that side, but since I don’t have a TCVM, I don’t know what to do about it.

    If I was you, after you get his ear straightened out, I would pick one of those foods and feed only it for a week. If he has a reaction then eliminate it from his rotation. If he doesn’t then I would move on to the next one for a week, and so on.

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    Bump! And yes, I’m giving probiotics.

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