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    I’m very curious about this: is one protein source better than the rest? (Assuming #1. It’s an animal #2. It’s not by-product or other remnants #3. The dog isn’t allergic to it).

    I’m asking this question /mainly/ to settle my curiosity (good thing I’m not a cat, or I’d probably be dead by now! Hahah!), but the food that I’m buying right now has the availability of lamb based, beef based, or chicken based. I’m really not sure which one I should get (all other ingredient quantities are the same), and I’m not concerned about my dogs’ taste preferences. They eat anything.

    Do dogs generally thrive better on one protein and do less than another?

    Should I do a different one every time I buy a new bag of food, to give their diets as much variety as I can?

    Also, is there any /better/ quality to get the “fancy” stuff like duck, venison, turkey, etc. over your beef/lamb/chicken… Other than the fact that a dog might be intolerant?

    Thanks for the answers and opinions, even though this is definitely no life-or-death question for my pooches. 😀

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    Some(me included) believe your dogs are less likely to develop allergies and food reactions if you vary the protein sources. Each different meat has different ratios of amino acids and varying meats may also mean that your dog is getting a better supply of aminos.

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    Okay, thanks Patty. I will probably rotate them through the 3 protein sources then.

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