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    cynthia w

    im new to the forums and accidentally found y’all yesterday researching.

    let me give you some history regarding my dogs. i have malinois (yes the high energy dogs) i have a young puppy who has had on and off troubles since i have been trying to ween him off of the science diet low-fat gastro food. he just wasnt gaining weight on it. he is very high energy and have realized i will have to feed him more than the other two mals who are just normally “spun out” ))) soooooo, i started with nature’s instinct duck, (i now know that was not a good decision) to mix with the sdlfg food. he just never had a consistent poop. never a blow out poop, just soft and sometimes cow patty looking. then i tried him on the natures variety venison. no one did well on that one. so recently i tried the orijen tundra. i knew this was high protein and fat ratio but i thought i’ll just introduce really slowly, like turtle slow. first off i noticed that his scratching he had had since very young and attributed to detergents, bully sticks and dust mites started to subside. (so definitely wrong on all my guesses) but i also noticed his poop was starting to get softer. i am still not convinced it is not because of the amount i increased his food too from three cups a day fed am/pm to 4.5-5 cups a day fed 4x per day. slowly i started increasing the orijen and weening off the sd. however, i started to see more softer poops. it would be good in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon, but it would be softer (sometimes cow patty) in the evening. i also increased the feed for the other two (both full sisters). everyone started to get softer poops. sometimes very loose. so ok, i’m feeding too much of the rich stuff. but the male actually started straining the more of the orijen i would add to the feed. so i did a 10 day course of metronidazole. somewhere in the 3rd day he stopped straining, so i was pretty sure he had a bacteria overload the rx was helping. he was off the rx for about a week and i’m still feeding the increased orijen and he slowly but sure starts to strain again, no where like it was a few weeks ago, but still i didn’t want to go there again. so i found your knowledge regarding sibo and went out and bought the totw sm food. i also put him on the rx again last night. i’m not feeding the orijen. i went cold turkey, (i know that is bad, but what is worse, the high fat content or starting w the rx)? so his poop this am was really good. he actually didnt poop at 3 am when my husband takes them all out or when i took him out at 7am. he pooped around 9:30am and it was good looking poop. however comma……… i did put my other two females on it and the litter mate had very loose stool this morning. (litter mate food increase fed 3x daily) last night i gave her a propectalin (love that stuff) and no poop at 3am but at about 12pm today, it started good and went soft, really soft. (she had an increase of food about 2 weeks ago) i also gave her the rx as well after soft poop. the older sibling has been on straight orijen for a couple weeks with food increase (fed 2x daily) she would sometimes have half loose stools at night. i first thought this was all due to all the action in the kennels. they are constantly barking at each other. (did i mention they are high drive 😀 😀 😀 ) plus i work them each a few times a day.
    i just ordered the tylan powder as well. just wondering if there is anything im missing.

    susan, you seem to have so much experience with sibo do you have any suggestions?????

    please….. anyone who has advice, it is truly appreciated.


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