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    Patricia A

    I’ve changed my chihuahuas’ diet to Stella Chewy’s freeze-dried with a little Fromm Kibble. I also had a bag of Primal Sardines and Turkey from my mom because her dog didn’t eat it. After giving them the Primal today my one started to choke for a few minutes. I knew there were ground bones in the food so I just inspected the little that was left over from my other dog. I picked out about 15 pieces of rock hard jaggered VERY sharp pieces of what I thought was plastic. I rinsed them off and saw it was more likely bone. I called Primal immediately. I gave them the exp date and batch # of food. He took it very seriously and was reporting immediately the problem. He is asked for number of pet supply store I purchased it. He said the bone should have been ground down and in 1/8″ pieces. That WAS about the size of the pieces . I feel that is large for a small dogs throat and also the shape was as pointy and sharp as a baby tooth. Now I feel like I have to feel through the Stella n Chewy’s also to be safe. Anyone else have this problem with other Freeze dried or frozen? Just when I thought I had it down with their new diet I’m AGAIN questioning my choices. AAAARRRRRGGG!!

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    Cathy B

    Hi Patricia,
    I’ve never fed Primal, but I did place a few orders for Allprovide’s frozen raw food.
    I fed the chicken, turkey & beef but I can’t remember which one had big chunks of
    very sharp jagger bones that I had to pick out in order for my 5lb Chi to eat it.

    I took pics and texted them to Allprovide. They were the correct size bones for that food!
    I felt they were too big for my Chi to eat.
    So always having to poke my fingers around his bowl to pull out all bones..I stopped buying their food.

    I believe they are now under new things may be different now.

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    Claire S

    I have experienced the same thing recently. I have fed primal duck to my Chihuahua for over a year now. A few months back primal had a recall because they had released a batch of food with bone chuncks that were too big. At that time I had accidentally bought a recalled bag and it was very noticeable that the chunks were way too big. Since I had been feeding it for a long time prier to this I know that the bone was never noticeable before.

    Since the recall I have bought several bags and not had any issues untill this last bag I bought. This bag had bone shards as big if not bigger then the recalled bag. My friend and a customer of mine both ended up with bags with big bone shards too. I contacted primal and even though they seemed conserned they also said that they hadn’t heard any else about this problem but I know for a fact that both my friend and the customer both contacted primal about it and now I hear that you have too.

    This is very concerning! I hope they recall the food!

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    Patricia A

    When I gave my Chis’ the Primal from my mom’s I never thought to look at the recalls batch numbers from their recall a few months back.. I saw the list and it included Primal Turkey Freeze Dried but NOT Turkey and Sardine. Being new to Primal and Raw I didn’t realize it was one and the same until I looked at the Batch # on my bag.Only noticed this AFTER I called to complain. Guess the rep didn’t pick it up that I was giving him a batch # that WAS recalled. However, like I wrote the pieces were SO sharp an jagged that even the bones were 1/16″ I wouldn’t feel safe giving it to my little Chihuahuas’.
    So now Claire you’re saying it’s back to the big bone shards. I really don’t feel like digging through the dog food every time I feed them. Why aren’t these bones in all these foods just be grinder down to powder?? I’m sure it doesn’t change the nutritional value. I really hope more people call in for this new batch for a recall so they change grinder machines and get it right with ALL of these raw brands.

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    Sloane K

    Wow! That would be enough for me to stop using this brand and switch to another brand with possibly higher quality ingredients, better reviews & a better manufacturing process. This is a growing industry so some brands may take shortcuts. Who knows the restrictions governments impose in this industry. Thankfully your pet is alright.

    Thanks for providing this info, I will be staying away from this brand.

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