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    Denise T

    When they say to just add meat, does that mean that I can add cooked ground beef/bison/chicken and that’s it, or do I have to calculate and add in organ meats as well? I’m feeding 4 small dogs so the amount of organ meat would be only a few ounces. I doubt I could find such small amounts in a grocery store. Is this necessary when using a pre-mix?
    Also I was wondering if it is better to cook a whole chicken and debone it, or do people typically add boneless chicken breast? I’ve used boneless chicken in a recipe for them but only as a supplemental feeding, not as daily meals.

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    It generally means just muscle meat like breast, thighs, roasts, etc. Not kidneys, spleen, liver. Gizzards, heart, tongue, lungs can be muscle meat.

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    Most mixes don’t need organ meats, no. If they do, it’s just liver, usually. The directions will tell you if you do, so don’t worry.

    Also, many grocery stores will break packages for you, as well as cut up or grind just about anything. So say if you only want 4oz of liver, but they only a have a single 1lb pack, all you have to do it ask the butcher for a smaller portion.

    You can also freeze just about anything you buy, and pack it up into separate smaller portions that’ll get used in one go, rather than using it all at once.

    Btw, beef heart is a favorite at my house, and it’s CHEAP! Might be something to look into to keep costs down.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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