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    Ayat S

    I am a owner of a 5 months pomeranian that is supposed to arrive tomorrow and I have been trying to gather is much info as possible. I have never had a dog so it is all a little overwhelming.
    I went to the pet shop yesterday to buy some essentials, and noticed they have lots of dried meat that I did not know dogs can supposedly eat. I saw pig snout, pig ear, antlers (for some reason!) and lots of other dried animal parts. I was wondering if these are ok to feed to my dog, or ok in general for any dog.
    Also, what would be best for treats, store bought or just general at home stuff such as fruit and the like?

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    I don’t feed those kind of treats because they tend to make my dogs have upset tummies. For a Pomeranian, look for small high quality treats. If you’re in the US, I like Buddy Biscuits Itty Birdies. You can give the pup blueberries, carrots (I use the baby ones).

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    For science based information regarding health, vaccinations and such go here: http://skeptvet.com/Blog/

    Find a vet that you like and trust, go for routine checkups. Start brushing the dog’s teeth, small breeds have lousy teeth. See youtube for how to videos.

    Stay away from those treats you mentioned and boutique type foods.

    Try giving him 1/3 of a raw carrot to chew once a day (not the baby carrots they are bleached plus they are a choking hazard).
    And be careful gathering information on the internet, lots of misinformation to be found.

    Fromm is a good food and they have treats, stay away from grain free, I like the classic or small breed gold for a kibble. https://www.gofromm.com/fromm-family-small-breed-adult-gold-food-for-dogs

    At 5 months the pup is probably still teething, they chew everything in site till they are about 2 years old.

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    I don’t give hard chews like antlers because my dogs do not care or realize that they cannot be bitten into smaller pieces. They will try anyway which will lead to broken teeth. Softer chews like lamb trachea and dehydrated fish skins work well for my smaller dog.

    My dogs LOVE fruit for treats. Raspberries, strawberries and blueberries are some of their favorites. Baby carrots and broccoli are well liked too. If I do use store bought treats, I tend to stick to “training treats”. These are typically very small so also very low on calories. Dogs do not care how big their reward is so I use small treats in order to not feed a bunch of useless calories.

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    You can use the kibble that you know agrees with him as a treat too, just a couple of pieces.
    Most dogs are not fussy in my experience.

    Healthy pups love to eat, they will eat anything you give them. I would be careful with the fruit and veggies…too much can lead to diarrhea or soft stools (just like with humans) lol

    PS: Feed him whatever he has been eating for dog food for at least a week or two, gradually introduce the new kibble into his diet. Don’t go introducing all kinds of new food stuffs that may not agree with him at this stage.
    Easy does it.

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