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    Elle S

    I have been reading this site for the past week, and so far what I understand is to get a good puppy food brand for my new border collie, I’m going to have to spend about $100 per bag. I’m trying to understand the importance of the ingredients, protein above 30%, fat above 19%…. And calcium how am I suppose to figure out how much is too much? I just need some good recommendations for good puppy food, so we can start off right. When we had our siberian husky, and Alaskan malamute, we fed them natures recipe farm select. So I am reaching out to this forum to sharing their experience and their recommendations. Please help a new again mommy. BTW, puppy come Dec 23. Thanks for giving me your attention in advance, and helping by sharing your experience.


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    There are some budget friendly options that are good! Nutro is a good option, and is usually pretty easy to transition to. I know a lot of forum users really like Victor, and from what I understand it is pretty budget-friendly if you can find it in a store (I can’t). Other good budget friendly foods are Earthborn Holistic, Dr. Tims, and Merrick/Whole Earth Farms. If you can’t find these brands locally, has a pretty good selection. I’m sure other users will give their suggestions, too. Good luck!

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    OooH! A Christmas puppy! Fun, fun, fun! I don’t think a border collie is considered a large breed, is it? IF not, then calcium isn’t that much of a concern. First of all, I’d try to find out what puppy is eating now and buy some. It’s best to keep them on the same food they are currently eating for a while until they get acclamated to their new home. Once things are settled, you can slowly transition to a new food. IMO, it’s not necessary to spend $100 on a bag of food. I choose to buy budget friendly kibble and add a little extra canned, fresh or frozen protein to it to make it more nutritional.

    You could always print the best puppy foods list and take it with you to the store to see what is available locally. It would be great if you could post a picture of your pup when you get it. Good luck!

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    I LOVE Border Collies!!!!

    Yes, print up the lists for 4 and 5 star foods and take them with you to all the local pet food stores around. Make note on where you can find what and for how much. I really like Earthborn Holistic and NutriSource.

    Make sure you limit your pup’s physical activity until he is full grown, 5 minutes per month of age of human directed activity. BCs are prone to wanting to overdo it and hurting themselves. If you find he want more exercise than is good for him, teach tricks. Mental exercise is very tiring, he’ll learn lots of cool things, and he’ll be too tired to find too much trouble to get into. Also keep him lean while he is growing to encourage slow formation of his joints.

    Have fun with your pup!!!

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    Oops, I meant NuriSource, not Nutro. Nutro is pretty good too, but the price is about average for a food of that quality, not particularly budget friendly.

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