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    Paul M

    Hi I have just joined the site, my 1year old Labrador/poodle cross (labradoodle) has been fussy since we got her at 8 weeks of age. We continued feeding her the same dry diet she was on at the breeding kennels, but after a month or so she went right off, so we tried dry kibble, we tried pouch foods from different makers, tinned food, Caesar meals, we even went over to raw prepared dog food from a local butcher, Bessie’s tries it for a day to two maybe a a week max, then she turns her nose up at it.
    We have never fed her from the table, or after every meal from our plate, the odd scrap, but after we have left the table and from the kitchen into her own bowl and placed where he food is always put.
    We walk her minimum of twice a day, she always has a good run with other dogs in the park, plays and runs happily, chases the balls and drinks well after, then has a sleep. But. . . She just doesn’t seem interested in her food.
    We are worried she isn’t eating enough.
    Any thoughts, comments or advise would be most grateful.

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    Consider Orijen, check chewy.com for reviews. If she is an active dog she can handle the calories, maybe add a topper (a spoonful of scrambled egg or cooked lean meat/chicken mixed in) and a splash of water. You use less with this product because it is solid food.

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    Marie P

    How about trying home cooking? Here is a great meatloaf recipe .. YOU can choose a Dry dog kibble and use the meatloaf as a TOPPER.. Basically you place a cup or two of dry quality dog food in the dish and 1/2 a piece of meat loaf on top .. drizzle with a little warm water. THE meat loaf for dogs will stay good for 5 days or Freeze it into individual freezer baggies.. SEE here DOG MEAT LOAF or Meatball Recipe http://bulldogvitamins.blogspot.com/2014/12/recipe-for-doggie-meatballs-home.html

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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