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    Beth H

    Hi all: I have recently had my chocolate lab’s urine tested and have been told that he has crystals in his urine. She has recommended four dog foods that will provide a good ph balance that may solve the problem, rather than putting him on medicines and invasive testing.

    I am curious to see if anyone has any suggestions for a great dog food that is:

    for seniors: he’s 12 but active
    chicken and grain free (he breaks out from too much chicken)
    nut free (allergy)
    strong in providing a solid ph balance

    Currently, he is on Nautral Balance vegan formula (dry), with a scoop of 100% pure pumpkin and some beef canned dog food mixed in. He also is on glucosamine, fishoil and three prescriptions.

    I appreciate anything that anyone share!


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    First, what did the vet recommend? Second did he specify what type of crystals they are? If they are a reoccurring type he may have to be put on a specific ph diet either a prescription food or you can talk with a vet nutritionalist who can formate a homemade diet. I would go that route if u have the time. It will likely run u the same amount of money as a prescription diet will and give your dog a better quality diet.
    If it’s a non reuccuring type he can just be kept on whatever he was eating and maybe you can soak his kibble in water everyday for added hydration which can help with urinary problems.
    Also why is he on a vegan food? There isn’t much reason to feed a facilitated carnivore a vegan food especially since it seems u top it with a beef canned food so I’m assuming u don’t feed it for ethical reasons. Does he have some other problem that requires the vegan food? If not I would take him off it.

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    Lots of information on this topic per the search engine

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