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    Has anyone heard of this dog food or currently using it? I would love to hear feedback on it. Thanks!

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    Hound Dog Mom

    I’ve never heard of it. I just looked up their website and I can’t seem to find an ingredients list. They do however list the protein and fat percentages – they range from 21% – 26% protein and 15% – 18% fat. Based on these values alone and without even seeing an ingredient list I can tell you I wouldn’t use the food – it’s too low in protein. I would however be curious to see an ingredient list, that could help tell whether this is a poor or mediocre quality food. Do you have an ingredient list?

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    I just found this info and pictures of the bag with the ingredient list..

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    1.5 to 2 stars, even the one with no corn.

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    Hound Dog Mom


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    Not a food I’d feed.

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    Thanks ladies, I found the forum with the pic of the ingredients also. I had someone ask me about it, and I too informed him that I didn’t think it was a good food, especially for a dog with food allergies.

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    jay w

    Im new to the site and im reading the reviews for outlaw dog food. I GIVE it ***** I have been useing the food and its wonderful. I have 2 pitbulls and there coats are extra shiney and silkey there well filled out and after a feeding there full. Ive used pedigree, purina, diamond, 4-helth, beniful and to me they dont compare.

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    All the other ones u listed are not good either. No wonder u couldn’t tell a difference.

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    Jordan V

    My Great Dane has been eating Outlaw Dog Food for 3 years now. Before we started him on the Premium Gold 26/18 we were feeding Blue Buffalo. Like clockwork we had to go to the Vet every 3mos for infections in his ears. $120 each time. After changing to Outlaw we have never been back for any allergy type symptoms, just routine visits. Saves me money and my dog loves it!!!

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    Your dog very likely has a food intolerance, Jordan. All it took was feeding a different food, one that didn’t contain the offending ingredient, for the symptoms of food sensitivity to stop. Please take a look at the ingredients in this Outlaw food again, they really are extremely low quality. This is not at all a healthy food for your dog to be eating every single day of his life.

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    Dan B

    Outlaw is a very good dogfood. I believe the more expensive ones feel threatened by them. Although Dogfood Advisor claims that they do not review them because they are not national. Bunk! More that half of the over hyped very expensive brands are not any better. If you can get some try it out. Do not believe “Blue Buffalo” is all that there is. Outlaw brand at Temple feed in Temple Texas is like 36 bucks or so for 50 lbs. You should try it out. And Dogfood Advisor, you should rate it. In the past I have sent you In gredient lists. Thank tiu

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