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    Julie M

    Five months ago my vet suggested I put my overweight spayed Cocker Spaniel bitch on a Raw Meat diet to try and lose weight. She should be about 11Kg and was 12.5Kg Having read lots of info I started her off on 220g per day,divided into two feeds a day, primarily chicken drumsticks & wings, with offal once a week and tinned salmon, tuna or pilchards once a week. She also had about 50g part-cooked green veg (peas, beans, asparagus, cauliflower etc) to help fill her up as she is always hungry. Unfortunately she kept gaining weight. So on further advise I cut down the meat to 150g and increased the veg to 100g per day. But she is still gaining weight and today she has been weighed at 13.7Kg! I love her being on the diet as she actually has to chew & crunch food rather than hoovering it up in a matter of seconds. So the question now is what way to go…reduce the meat further and keep giving veg to fill her up or remove the veg and feed purely meat (as per the Atkins diet)? What would people recommend?

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