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    Beth M

    My 12 year old Chocolate Lab has an under active thyroid and is on medication for it.She is still active,plays several times a day with me or toys and we walk 2 miles daily.She needs to lose about 10 pounds to be healthy.I have tried several weight management dog foods but she still hasn’t lost weight.Any ideas on what dog food works?Need help desperately.

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    Which weight management foods have you tried? A lot of them decrease fat by decreasing protein and they aren’t very good because dogs don’t need all the carbs. Look at Annamaet Lean. Wellness also has a good weight loss food. I would try adding water to the food and maybe even replace some of it with canned food.

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    I don’t know anything about thyroid issues in pets although I have it myself. If she is still active though, try reducing her food to match the weight she should be weighing. And you can also try Wellness CORE Reduced Fat or Annamaet Lean – I have heard users report good results with those foods.

    Hopefully someone with more knowledge on thyroid issues and weight loss will chime in.

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    I adopted an obese dog & we had great luck with a Wellness Core reduced fat.

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    I also like Wellness Core Reduced Fat.

    Two other brands I really like are Orijen Senior and Go! Senior. My Cavalier gains weight very easily and she just finished a small bag of the Go! Senior. She looks great and is super shiny right now. The food worked great for her. I’ll continue using it in her rotation.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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