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    rudy g

    My boy bear is 8 weeks old. He is a timber wolf shepherd. He breeder had him on diamond and I made the transition to simply nourish for large breed puppies. There has been no problems up to now. My one year old gsd was on blue wilderness until about 8 months. She did good on it. I read about the lawsuit by purina against blue. Blue just countered it.

    Opinions on which food I should put him on:

    Simply nourish large breed puppies.
    Blue wilderness lbp.
    Simply nourish lbp.
    Core lbp.

    Thx in advance.

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    Is this your first WD (wolf dog)? Wolves have different dietary needs that dogs, and kibble is usually a bad idea for them. I know some WD breeders personally, and they say that kibble containing grains can be disasterous.

    I’d definitely suggest looking into a raw food. If you don’t want to take the time for that, then definitely make sure the food is grain free and has a large amount of meat…

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    Out of those options though, I’d probably go with Blue Wilderness or Core (I’m guessing it’s Wellness Core, right?). But you really should, at the very least, top with a minimum of 20-50% raw meats. Or even canned food. I still am leaning very very strongly on raw for a wolf’s diet…

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    Hound Dog Mom

    I would agree with Shasta220 about considering a raw diet. The book “Unlocking the Canine Ancestral Diet” by Steve Brown would be a great starting point. If not – the only food on your list that is appropriate for large breed puppies (to my knowledge) is Wellness CORE Puppy.

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    Simply Nourish LB is a 1.2% calcium max-I think that’s close to ok, HDM?

    I personally have simply nourish in my rotation (though I only use source-and I think that line only has large breed adult, not puppy) It’s really the only thing I use from Petsmart. I have used Nulo’s Freestyle line, so would probably use the medal series which is a petsmart exclusive as well. I don’t use anything blue, and wellness-just haven’t, but some people swear by it.

    Of the three as long as SN is acceptable, I like that-but if its a wolf dog I think you for sure want to avoid any possible grain?

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    Yes! definitely avoid any grains…. Where did you get this pup? Was it a breeder?! If so, that person has ZERO right to be breeding wolf dogs without knowing about the wolf’s nutritional needs! Any proper WD breeder would encourage a raw diet, or at least stress the GF and high-protein needs. DN is not a super protein-rich (animal based, not grain/plant based) and is a lousy choice for a wolf.

    Sorry about the rant on wolves…. But if you have a Facebook, then try finding the group “For Sale Wolf Puppies.” I have a friend (wolf dog breeder…she breeds between about 60 and 90% WDs) who is the main admin for that page (she calls herself “Obie Wolf” on there)… I’d suggest trying to get into that group, then shoot Obie Wolf a message. She will give amazing tips on where to get meat and how much to feed.

    I also agree with Hounddogmom’s suggestion about that book. It’s a very good read 🙂

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    Can’t contribute much to this conversation except that one of my friends and I would love to some day own a fox-dog hybrid. And if I ever do, that baby will be eating raw, MAYBE with some base premixes (THK, Grandma Lucy’s, etc.).

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    Ah, I see you posted in the FB group 😉 that page sometimes is full of drama (which is why I never post anymore), but if you can find the nice members, you’ll be fine. Best wishes with Bear! 🙂

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    rudy g

    Thx Shasta.

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