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    Good Morning,
    Any opinions & input on supplements? Fish oil or a human grade all around supplement for a puppy? Is it something that can hurt or help. Her diet is good.I have read some many differing views on this, just wondered if anyone had any thoughts on this.
    Thank you as always

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    Kristin S

    What type of dog is it? I know it depends on the breed. I am currently using Salmon Oil for our 4 month old Bullmastiff and I also give it to our adult dog. I just figured since fish oil is good for humans, probably good for dogs too. The claims on the product seem great also and include helping keep their coat nice, heart health, etc. But, I would be curious to know if it has an actual benefit or is just wasteful.
    Also, I was going to put my puppy on a puppy vitamin but since she is large breed, I read a lot of articles against it. For the simple reason that if a puppy gets too many vitamins and supplements, could be bad for them long term. I don’t want to risk that.
    I would say the most important thing to consider is that if your puppy is on a high quality food, they shouldn’t need additional supplements.

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    It is a mini schnauzer female 7 months old.
    My older gal pepper also a mini schnauzer used to get a fish oil gel cap nordic naturals -Ultimate Omega 1 soft gel had 325 EPA /425 DHA -640 Total Omega 3’s every day but had to stop it in dec. when she had a bad episode of gastritis -havent given them until I make sure her total diet change is working then I will add them back in a few times a week.
    This may be too much of a dose for millie so i may give her sardines a few times a week
    BC said the same thing that a good diet is paramount and supplements aren’t necessary if the diet is good

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    For fish oil, you want to make sure she is getting 100mg combined of DHA and EPA per 10 lbs of body weight, so the supplement you gave her could be given much less often. If you are moving towards raw or some raw, replacing one meal a week with sardines or herring should give her enough omega 3s.

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